NBA 2K22 Deck Party Event Details & Requirements for 2xp Rep!

NBA 2K22 Deck Party Event Details & Requirements for 2xp Rep!: So one of the big misunderstandings that is faced by a lot of players while playing the NBA 2k22 game is about the top deck the double XP rep aka deck double XP event is that you can only earn double XP in the cages when you go right into it actually cages. By that, I think that’s not fully right in the NBA 2k22 Deck Party event. Because if you notice this you will find that it is saying that. It is a top deck event and what I mean by this is you can also earn double at the 5v5 spot. Like this is where you can go.

So today I am going to tell you about these things so just read the article. And you will not get disappointed and if you like then also make sure to share it with all your friends and close mates. And if you wanna know more about anything you can just comment below in the comment section and I will definitely answer it.

Deck Event in NBA 2k22
NBA 2K22 Deck Party Event

What Are the Rewards for The Deck Event?

So here in Deck event, every game that you play in this event in NBA 2k22 is gonna gives you two times XP and you definitely not gonna miss this one opportunity. It is like the best thing in the whole NBA 2k22 to get Double XP. And there is no other way through which you can earn XP. there are no leaderboards nothing like that, no extra event nothing about competitions. Which I believed is pretty boring, I still hope somehow they are going to give us something at some point where we are gonna grind for. Not for the only thing that is XP but also for some other types of things where you can get a little competition between players. Like in previous games we are supposed to play for unlimited boost.

But unfortunately; ly there is no single thing like that so simply we have to play this Event only for XP. These events don’t exist in this Deck Event in NBA 2k222 but anyway, we can not do anything regarding it. Our work is to just play and earn the rewards that are given by the NBA 2k22.

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5v5 Game Sin NBA 2k22

Play 5v5 games during the vent and double XP as well like one of the disadvantages is it is obvious as you can see only one chord and it is a shorter chord. Then a normal 5v5 let’s say wreck or pro-M. So you are not going to get too many games. If you are not on a good team that is constantly winning the games. So bear in mind. Like I said  5v5 shorter chord and soon we have to wait a lot. And if you have lost, you probably have to wait a lot mostly a lot of teams. Waiting to get out of the dots including your team as well. A lot of times maybe not on every server.

But on a few, it’s going to be like that and now we are going to get a chance to use the zip line. And there is a different double XP event which is cages. Cages double XP event is probably not going to be a whole lot of XP comp[ared to the 5v5 place. But I mean you do get a hell of lot more games even if you lose. Because you can see even right now. The event is just going on and maybe just started when you are reading this article and you can have your double XP with this. The information that I have to provide you about your about deck event in NBA 2k22.

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