How To Get Scenario Emote In Fortnite For Free

How To Get Scenario Emote In Fortnite For Free: The “scenario emote in Fortnite” and other emotes are create by Epic Games, the developers of the game. The Emotes are used to express your emotions within Fortnite. They are free and can be obtained through opening certain crates or just waiting for them in the Item Shop. Some emotes also have different variations that you can use like the scenario emote in Fortnite, such as dances and gestures. You can then use these emotes when playing a match or on the Locker screen.

Today we are going to know how you guys can go ahead and get the scenario emote in Fortnite chapter 3 for free. I’ve seen some people talk about this but we’re going to be going over the real method. I know it sounds crazy but there are ways you can basically go ahead and get it I’ll be talking about two ways .we’re gonna be going over everything.

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How To Get Scenario Emote In Fortnite For Free

How To Get Scenario Emote In Fortnite For Free
Get Scenario Emote In Fortnite For Free

Obviously, once we get into this groove here we’ll talk about the first way but the second way is definitely the better way to go ahead I know the first way will not work for everyone but the second way will be working for everyone.

First Method

The first way to go ahead and get the scenario emote in Fortnite is actually through merging your Fortnite account. You may be thinking I don’t have an account with the scenario emote. how am I going to do that or you may be thinking Fortnite has removed merging.

You can’t merge anymore so how is this possible well, basically guys you actually can merge your Fortnite account. if you go ahead and reach out to epic games and tell them that you’ve been trying to merge your Fortnite account. That you have a second account that you’d like to merge if you reach out to them on epic support via email or just via their live chat, either way, there is actually a possible way you can merge an account.

If you prove to them that you actually do own both accounts by knowing the email and password and then what you guys will need to do then. Go to the epic games support and you’ll talk to them about merging. Then you guys will basically tell them which account you would like to see all the skins get merge on to and all the emotes as well as the scenario emote. Once you guys go ahead and do that if the account that you were merging with did have a scenario you will get it easily without any problem. (will only work for the owners of scenario emote in Fortnite in any other account)

Second Method

The second way is you can actually go ahead and get the scenario emote in Fortnite. Basically, through doing an emo map if you guys don’t know what an emote map is, there are some maps in Fortnite that are glitch out. Due to this emo device where you can basically go ahead and do any emote inside of Fortnite on the map.

So guys there are not many public maps available. Because epic just takes them down instantly but some people do have them in their creative island. I believe there’s this guy who goes by the name of “stormzy” who has it on their island. And there are some other people you can just search them and join them in their maps. If you have any doubts you can ask them in the comments.

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