Use Shield Potions in A Single Match Fortnite The Foundation Challenges

Use Shield Potions in A Single Match Fortnite the Foundation Challenges: According to the Swamp Stalker, a Fortnite NPC, an extraterrestrial invasion in the island’s wetlands is impending. However, considering that they provide no strategic benefit, the chances of this happening are slim to none. Regardless, she encourages loopers to be prepared in case the unavoidable occurs.

Swamp Stalker has given the loopers and those fighting the aliens the job of using four shield potions in a single match to make them more combat-ready and effective. She’s even providing a reward of 30,000 experience points to those who complete the assignment in a single match to promote participation and sweeten the bargain.

Use Shield Potions in a single match
Use Shield Potions in a single match

How to Complete the Epic Challenge “use Shield Potions in A Single Battle” in Fortnite Week 8.

Players must find and consume a total of four shield potions in a single match to fulfill this Fortnite challenge. Although the task at hand is simple, some players may find it challenging to locate the shield potions. There is, however, a simple approach to performing the task.

While conventional chests do occasionally drop shield potions, IO chests have a larger chance of doing so. Although traveling to multiple IO bases to unlock chests for shield potions would be unfeasible, landing at an IO satellite base is an excellent place to start the quest.

By checking their chests, players may usually find at least two shield potions from an IO satellite base. Aside from protective potions, players can also equip themselves with high-tech IO equipment such as the Legendary Plasma Cannon. With that in mind, here’s where they’re located:

  • East of Weeping Woods – Defiant Dish
  • West of Dirty Docks, Dockside Dish
  • Southeast of Misty Meadows is the Destined Dish.
  • Stealthy Stronghold – Deep Woods Dish
  • Southeast of Craggy Cliffs is Dinky Dish.
  • West of Believer Beach – Discovery Dish
  • Southwest of Slurpy Swamp is Dumpy Dish.

The IO’s headquarters in Corny Complex, in addition to these sites, is a good spot to find shield potions. However, because of its prominence, it is frequently a hotspot in every game, and survival chances are slim.

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General Fortnite Tips

  • Immediately Drink Shield Potions (most of The Time)

If you come across this little pot of blue joy, devour it as soon as possible. It will have a major impact on your Fortnite gameplay. Although the 50 percent shield buff lasts for the rest of the game, it does not protect you from certain types of damage, such as falling. You can even stack two of these, thus tripling your maximum health and giving you a substantial advantage.

Use Shield Potions in a single match
Use Shield Potions in a single match

Shields can be earned by drinking a regular shield potion, a mini shield potion, or slurping juice. Shield potions add 50 shield points to your total, up to a maximum of 100. Shield potions are small and can supply up to 50 shields. Slurp Juice, on the other hand, gives you a double bonus: it gives you 25 shields and heals you for 25 health points.

It’s normally preferable to drink those remedies right quickly if you land in an area with other players. If you’re alone, though, look for less powerful shields before drinking your standard shield potions. That way, you’ll be able to get that lovely, sweet 200 horsepower.

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