Snowboard Racer Challenge in COD Mobile: Full Detailed Guide

Snowboard Racer Challenge in COD Mobile: Call of Duty is one of the top-grossing battle royale games in the world currently. The mobile version is very much inspired by the PC version of the game, Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game provides new updates here and there with added events that players can enjoy.

Snowboard Challenge is a newly added event in Call of Duty Mobile. It is a year-old event, but if the new players are not concerned about this event, here we are going to help you with the details. Let’s jump into the Snowboard Racer Challenge in COD in this article with a detailed guide.

Snowboard Racer Challenge in COD Mobile
Snowboard Racer Challenge in COD Mobile

Snowboard Racer Challenge in COD Mobile

Call of Duty mobile is published & developed by Activision in 2019. It was formally handled by Tencent Games along with Kiwi Games, but after some privacy concerns, Activision took the development role. The developers of Activision provide lots of updates to the game to make it further better. With the updates, they add aesthetics & themed events so that can gain more attention from players.

With the updates, the developers always add new events that make the game more interesting & stick in the competition with other BR games. One of the newest updates added Snowboard Racer Challenge which basically an addition to the Lunar New Year event of the Chinese Calendar. Although the Challenge is an old concept that was earlier in the game, we will guide everyone to take advantage of this as much as possible. So, stick to the article at the very end.

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What is Snowboard Racer Challenge?

Snowboard Racer Challenge is basically in the Isolated Map exclusive competition. Here every player of that BR match can participate & race with each other. It is a Lunar New Year-themed event that is from the Chinese Holiday Calendar.

Like other events, Snowboard Racer Challenge is also a temporary event. Even the data is so temporary that your progress is saved only for that BR match. After the match is over, the all-progress data is gone.


How to Play Snowboard Racer Challenge?

Snowboard Racer Challenge is exclusively in Isolated Map. On this map, you have to go skiing Town in that map where the race track is situated. In Ski Town, you have to do a conversation with the NPC (Non-Playing Character). There you will find a long message that NPC player is telling us-

Snowboarding Challenge

What better way to celebrate winter than snowboarding?

We’ve prepared a batch of supplies that await you at the end of the slope. Use your snowboard to collect all of the ‘M’s in the path and make it to the end as quickly as possible!

Enjoy your time hitting the slopes!”

Also, there will be an “ACCEPT” button that allows you to enter the Race.


With that, a timer will be given to finish the race with the Ski. There will be a Real-Time Leader board in the BR match of all the players who have participated. The less you take time to complete the race, the better rank you will get.

  • There will be a supply box at the end of the track. There you will find some attachments of guns & medical equipment.

So, That is all about the Snowboard Racer Challenge in COD Mobile. No doubt it is a year-old event & players also have known about this event before. But if you are a new player or if you have missed the past event, you can enjoy the event this year with our guide.

Hope you liked our article about the Snowboard Racer Challenge. Stay tuned for more amazing tips for Call of Duty Mobile events & updates.

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