NBA 2k22 Moments of The Month Challenges

NBA 2k22 moments of the month challenges, as well as a slew of free players and the Galaxy Opal DeMar DeRozan group prize, were released in NBA 2K22. Completing all of the agendas may take some time, but it’s well worth it to acquire such a strong GO card with enhanced qualities and powerful badges. Now we’ll go over all of the NBA 2K22 Moments of the Month Challenges and Rewards, as well as the quickest and easiest ways to complete them.

Challenges & Rewards for NBA 2K22 Moments of the Month:

There are a total of 25-lifetime agendas in NBA 2K22 Moments of the Month Challenges, and you can earn a pack for completing each challenge. The NBA 2K22 Moments Challenges rewards are five distinct Option Packs. Galaxy Opal DeMar DeRozan is the fixed prize for completing all of the agendas.

The following is a list of all the requirements and awards for the Moments of the Month Challenges.

Group 1 – Reward: Ruby Option Pack for December Moments of the Month

  • Playing a lot of Single Player games will get you 125 points.
  • Play many Single Player games to earn 250 points in Single Player.
  • Play a lot of Triple Threat Online games to get 75 points in TTO.
  • Playing numerous Unlimited games will earn you 75 points.
  • Playing a lot of Clutch Time games will get you 75 points.

Group 2 – Reward December Moments of the Month Amethyst Option Pack

  • Yurtseven REB: With Moments Reward Omer Yurtseven, get 16 rebounds over many TT or TTO games.
  • Strus Care Career-High: make 8 3-pointers in a single game with Moments Rewards Max Straus.
  • Jaylen Nowell’s Career-High PTS: score 29 points in numerous Multiplayer games with Moments Rewards Jaylen Nowell
  • Metu Game Winner: in a single TT or TTO game, score 11 points and receive 1 block with Moments Rewards Chimezie Metu.
  • Get 6 blocks with Moments Rewards Daniel Gafford over several TT or TTO games using Gafford BLK.

Group 3 – Reward: Diamond Option Pack for Moments of the Month

  • Williams Triple-Double: With Moments Rewards Robert Williams, get one triple-double in a single game.
  • Saddiq Bey’s Career-High REB: Get 17 rebounds in numerous Multiplayer games with Moments Rewards Saddiq Bey.
  • Devonte’ Graham is the winner of the Graham Game Winner: make 5 4-pointers with Moments Rewards throughout numerous Clutch Time games.
  • Okeke Career High STL: earn 6 steals with Chuma Okeke’s Moments Rewards over many TT or TTO games.
  • Giddey Triple-Double: With Moments Rewards Josh Giddey, get one triple-double with 17 points in a single game.

Group 4 – Reward: PD Option Pack for December Moments of the Month

  • Mitchell Robinson BLK & REB: Get 5 blocks and 8 rebounds in a single game with Moments Rewards Mitchell Robinson.
  • Simons’ career-high PTS: 43 points in numerous Triple Threat Online games with Moments Rewards Anfernee Simons.
  • Wagner’s career-high PTS: 38 points in numerous Multiplayer games with Moments Rewards Franz Wagner.
  • Mills 3’s: in numerous multiplayer games, make 8 3-pointers with Moments Rewards Patrick Mills.
  • Diallo PTS & REB: Hamidou Diallo scored 34 points and grabbed 14 rebounds in a single game with Moments Rewards.

Group 5 – Reward: Consumables Option Pack for December Moments of the Month

  • REB: With Moments Reward Clint Capela, you can get 23 rebounds throughout numerous Multiplayer games.
  • With Moments Rewards, you can earn 44 points as a Walker PTS. Kemba Walker has appeared in several Triple Threat Online games.
  • Young Career High PTS: using Moments Rewards, score 56 points. Trae Young has appeared in several Clutch Time games.
  • Brown’s career-high PTS is 50 points and 1 steal in a single Challenge game with Moments Rewards Jaylen Brown.
  • With Moments Rewards, Oubre Jr. makes 9 3-pointers and pulls down 6 rebounds. In a single game, Kelly Oubre Jr.

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