Impossible Rock Location Fortnite Chapter 3

Impossible Rock Fortnite Location: The new challenge had come in the Fortnite game. It is related to Dwayne Johnson, a famous American actor, and WWE star. The Fortnite game is very popular and has various fans from different countries. They always come with new surprises and have a lot of great challenges for the gamers to enjoy.

The New Impossible Rock Fortnite challenge has come, and we will tell you the required details of it. For all the information, you just have to read this article on Impossible Rock Fortnite. Here we will tell you the release date, what it is, how to complete it, and many more in a single article. It will be given further in this article. Let’s get the information.

Impossible Rock Fortnite

Impossible Rock Fortnite Location

This task is new and really fun. It is easy to complete and doesn’t require much effort for the task. It is a great opportunity to earn points and to get an amazing experience. This task is introduced in the island Artemis which is in Chapter 3 of Season 1.

Release Date

The fans are waiting for the release of the Impossible Rock Fortnite. The official statement has not yet been announced by the developers, but it is hoped that it will be released soon. All things had been done, and the sources said that the Foundation Challenges will be unlocked on February 3. In this, many tasks are way simple to do and complete. You are reading the Impossible Rock Fortnite article where are guiding you about the whole information.

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Impossible Rock Location Fortnite Chapter 3

You have to visit the Mighty Monument, a Seven Outpost, and Sanctuary

  • This is the Reward for The Foundation. (Outfit)

You have to do the Deal melee damage to opponents so that your enemy got lack of energy

  • The Reward for this is the Foundation’s Plasma Spike.

The Assist in eliminating Gunnar is the challenge

  • The Reward for this is the tactical Visor Toggle. (Built-In Emote)

You should Land at a Seven Outpost, then you have to list in the Top 10 rank

  • The Reward for this is The Rocket Wing (Glider)

This task is the Search chests or ammo boxes at Covert Cavern

  • The Reward for this Foundation’s Fortune (Emote)

You have to Snipe an opponent with a Sniper Rifle while crouching

  • The Reward for this is the Foundation’s Mantle (Back Bling)

Deal headshot damage to players with common or uncommon weapons – 0/500

  • The Reward for this is the Foundation (Combat Elite) (Outfit Style)

To Deal the damage to opponents from above with Shotguns or SMGs

  • The Reward for this, The Foundation (Tactical) (Outfit Style)

In this Use of the shield potions in a single match is there

  • The Reward for this is the True Foundation. (Spray)

In this, you have to Hire a Character and travel approximately 1000 meters with them

  • The Reward for this is the Foundational (Wrap)

These all are the Foundation Quests

The Rocket Wing. (Stealth) (Glider Style)

Link for Impossible Rock Fortnite

There will be a link for the YouTube video so that you can get the information in detail. This video is clear and really helpful to understand the entire challenge.

This is the link to the video which you can use for reference. You are reading the Impossible Rock Fortnite article.

This is all about the Impossible Rock Fortnite. We had provided every bit of detail for the Impossible Rock Fortnite. There is also a link for the YouTube video to get more clearance of the topic. We had tried to give them every single and important detail to you in the article.

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