What Is a Builder Base in Clash of Clans?

Builder Base in Clash of Clans: The builder base was launched in the May 2017 update, and it featured a second town. That reused parts of the home base’s mechanics while also bringing some new ones. The master builder’s residence is Builder Base. The builder here does not reside in the builder’s hut, but rather in the Builder Hall.

The base is illuminated by small lanterns and village lights because it would be much darker at night without them. There’s just one builder available in the community, the Master Builder. This night base is nearly identical to the home base, except for a few minor troop and monetary modifications.

In this article, we will get to know about every piece of information.

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How Do You Access It and What Is Builder Base in Clash of Clans?

Builder Base in Clash of Clans
Builder Base in Clash of Clans

You can reconstruct the boat that carries you to the Builder Base once you reach Town Hall 4. You can travel between the Home Village and the Builder Base by boat.

The boat appears to wash up and wreck on the South-West beach of the home case before being rebuilt, with an arrow pointing down above it. When you tap on the boat, you may either study information about it or reconstruct it.

A fully functional boat is displayed on the shoreline after it has been reconstructed, and tapping on it now returns you to the function Object() { [native code] } base.

Are there any advantages for the village where you grew up?

  • Gear Up Structures

Although the builder base is separate from the home village, some structures in the home village can be “Gear Up” to offer additional powers. Three constructions can be renovated right now:

  1. Cannon – Change between a single shot and a four-shot burst for more DPS but a lower range.
  2. Switch between Long Range and Fast Attack mode on the Archer Tower for a faster rate of fire but a shorter range.
  3. Switch between a single shot and a three-shot burst on the mortar.

To equip a home village structure, you’ll need enough home village gold to cover the upgrade cost, and the Master Builder won’t be too busy. The Master Builder will not be able to improve objects in the builder base while he is preparing a structure in the home village. To get to his home village, the Master Builder takes a smaller boat.

  • Earn Gems

Because gems earned through achievements and the gem mine can be utilized on the home town. Accomplishing some of the achievements and creating the gem mine may be worthwhile.

  • Battle Machine

In the Builder Base, Battle Machine is the first and only Hero available. To fix it, you’ll need a level 5 Builder Hall and 900000 Builder Elixir. The Battle Machine is a single-target melee unit with a hammer that smashes neighboring buildings. Its special ability, Electric Hammer, boosts attack damage and regenerates health for the next three hits. As long as the Battle Machine isn’t damaged, it can be employed.

  • Different styles of play

With head-to-head against attacking and resource rewards, the builder base offers a different play style. With only three wins per day available and troop training times significantly shorter than the home village (even more so when the Clock Tower boost is activated), it’s possible to gather the maximum loot each day with just a few minutes of playtime.

It can be excellent for getting a quick Clash of Clans to fix when you only have a few minutes free, thanks to the speedier troop training times, faster matchmaking due to the lack of “The Clouds” issue, and free increased speeds with the Clock Tower.

  • Unlock the Home Village’s 6th Builder.

It is possible to build the O.T.T.O Hut once you have upgraded to Builder Hall 9. O.T.T.O is available once that has been upgraded to level 5. O.T.T.O is a robot built by the Master Builder to take over the Builder Base’s major construction activities. The Master Builder can now either manage a second improvement in the Builder Base. As a 6th builder, you can also go to the Home Village. He can easily move between the two villages as long as he isn’t working on an upgrade.

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