How To UNLOCK The Secret Epic M13 For FREE

UNLOCK The Secret Epic M13 For FREE: With the Season 8 update earlier this month, the M13 assault weapon was introduced. The M13 was included in a developer-created event called Deadly Weaponry in the latest version. To unlock the M13 in multiplayer, players that participate in the seasonal event must complete several tasks in-game.

Season 8 also saw the introduction of the R9-0 shotgun, which was activated right at the start of the season. COD Mobile decided to wait till the M13 is available, which is great for M13 lovers. They are not required to utilize the Battle Pass weapon. Instead, they must perform six missions to obtain the M13. In COD Mobile Season 8, there are two ways to unlock the M13. When the mythic variant of the weapon can be purchased, or players can grind in the game to unlock the base variant through events.

How To UNLOCK The Secret Epic M13 For FREE
UNLOCK The Secret Epic M13 For FREE

The M13 is a well-balanced assault rifle with a fast rate of fire, a medium damage range, and low recoil. It’s an excellent weapon for any player, particularly when loaded with the recommended loadout. The reactive camo on the mythological variation of the M13 changes when players kill a particular number of players. It also has custom attachments and effects that may be changed. According to the player’s needs, the kill effect and muzzle flashes can be modified or turned off. To release it, follow the steps.

M13 Overview:

In COD Mobile, the M13 is an assault rifle that can deal up to 28 damage, has a fast fire rate, decent accuracy, and low recoil. Fits perfectly for close-range and long-range gunfights. M13 is a brand new weapon that will be release in Season 8 in 2021.

This is a plain M13 damage chart with no add-ons.

M13 Stats & Tier
Damage: 28
Fire Rate: 71
Accuracy: 50
Mobility: 76
Range: 51
Control: 51
Tier: SS

How To UNLOCK The Secret Epic M13 For FREE

In COD Mobile, players can begin by going to the Deadly Weaponry event menu. Once players have reached the seven phases of the event, they can observe them. When each stage has its own set of obstacles and rewards. Players must finish all stages before launching the M13. When the gun will not be awarded to a player who skips the preceding levels and simply completes the M13s challenge.

The following are the complete stages and rewards for the event:

1st stage:

Play five MP matches as a challenge.

Credits multiplied by 300 and Battle Pass XP multiplied by 1000

2nd Stage: 

Challenge: Use any Assault Rifle to kill 15 foes.

XP x1000 is a game with a high level of replayability.

3rd stage:

Challenge: Use any AK-47 to kill 30 foes.

Battle Pass XP x2000 awards and an anniversary badge

How To UNLOCK The Secret Epic M13 For FREE
UNLOCK The Secret Epic M13 For FREE

4th Stage:

The goal is to kill 30 adversaries with any assault rifle that has been upgrade.

All awards are LK24 Bullet Metal and Battle Pass XP x2000.

5th Stage:

Challenge: Kill 30 adversaries with either AK-47 or four different accessories.

Battle Pass XP x3000 and Gold: Holger 26-Bullet Metal

6th Stage:

Kill 40 foes with any assault rifle that has two stickers and any charm attached.

A reward has been given for the assault rifle and Battle Pass XP x3000.

7th stage:

Win three matches with any M13 that has the Dragon Camo on it.

Battle Pass XP x4000 award and Tourmaline Alloy frame

After completing the first six phases, players will be able to unlock the M13 in COD Mobile. They can also finish one more stage to complete the Deadly Weaponry event and gain more Battle Pass XP.

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