How to Unlock Haven Spring Owl Mask in Fortnite

So, once again FORTNITE has got another crazy update. Fortnite is just rocking now by doing collaborations, adding new outfits, and updating the game in order to make it much better. So now it is not surprising that FORTNITE releases new outfits, biomes, characters, or any bundle. At the end of the day, it is benefiting the game and its players. These updates have really helped FORTNITE to get back on track and gain new players. Now nearly all the player are discussing about the masks. Everyone is really excited about the new masks.
So there’s a new kind of update. In this update now you can get stylish masks in the game to make your profile look even more attractive. Now one of these masks is the Haven Spring Owl. So in today’s article, we are going to discuss these and the Haven Masks, How to earn them, and most prominently How to get the amazing Haven spring owl mask in the game.

New Haven Masks in Fortnite

Unlock Haven Spring Owl Mask
Unlock Haven Spring Owl Mask

In FORTNITE Chapter 3 V 19.20, new masks are released. These masks are the HAVEN MASKS. HAVEN is a character of the game. When the FOUNDATION character was released it came with two outfits. So, now the HAVEN has not come up with outfits instead, it has come with MASKS. And there are not only one or two there are complete Thirty masks. All of them are absolutely great, stylish, and add a new diversity to the character which makes it just look dynamic.
The HAVEN SPRING OWL MASK has really gained popularity and it also looks cool. You can of course buy them. So we will discuss the process of buying the further in the article.


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How You Can Buy the Haven Masks in Fortnite:

Now here comes the main question which is How to buy these amazing-looking masks and make your profile more attractive? Today we will be discussing a couple of ways to get the mask. One way is by completing in-match quests and spending some FEATHERS. The quests are not that difficult. But if you don’t use a proper technique, then you will be able to do the quest but it will take you a really long time.
Another way of buying these masks is by collecting the FEATHERS. Feathers are the currency by which you will be able to buy these masks. They are available in the game at different locations on the map inside the chests. But still, there’s a problem in this process. Only PC players are able to get these chests. Xbox, Nintendo, and PS players are somehow unable to find them. These players don’t need to worry about the issue because there are high chances that this issue will be solved in the next update.

Best way to Get The Haven Spring Owl Mask?

Now finally coming on the main topic about getting a HAVEN SPRING OWL MASK. Now you will go and click the NEW QUESTS option which is on your home screen. After that, a new window would appear in that go to the option COLLECT HAVEN’S MASKS. This will take you to MORE MASK. In that just scroll down and find the HAVEN SPRING MASK. Here it will say you have to complete the quest in which you have to LAND ON A TREE AFTER GLIDING. It will also cost you 10 feathers.
Now you just need to go and play a match. You’ll need have to land on a TREE. Only after gliding you have to land. Also one more thing we need to inform you that it is not necessary to win the match. Once the match is over you to go to the same place where we have gone to check the quest for the mask. Now you’ll just need to have 10 feathers and there you go. You’ll get the HAVEN SPRING OWL MASK after completing the quest and spending 10 FEATHERS.

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