Genshin Impact: How to Smelt Fireworks Guide

Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide: The Fireworks guide is here to complete the tasks and the events. This game is there for the PS4, PS5, Mobile with the switch version in the development. Genshin Impact is a Chinese game that had role-playing anime-based games and gained popularity in the near future. The tasks in the games are of different concepts and have various good stuff.

These were innovative and had a lot of fun to do. The new Grenshin Impact has come with new tasks which will give the players the ability to make the fireworks. The new festival had arrived. If you want to know about it more or want to get the guidance of the Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide then you have visited the right place for the information. We will tell you all about the Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide in this article. Let’s see the solutions.

Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide

Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide
Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide

The new event had come with fleeting colors. Gamers are really excited for it to get the rewards and the points. In this event players have to smelt the fireworks for the celebration of the festival. It’s weird to say but the task is this. So to know about it more read this article till last.

What is Grenshin Impact Fireworks?

This task is really good and full of fun. Liyue had come with the festival and made its comeback. This will give them enough activities which will provide them with the playing spirit. The name of the event is the Fleeting Colours in Flight and had a different story. Last year it was the lanterns but it had replaced it from lanterns to fireworks. A change that matters in the celebration. You are reading the Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide article.

How to make Fireworks?

Making fireworks is easy and joyful. It doesn’t require any effort to do. You have to do the Launch Tube thing in the game to do the fireworks event. This will be completed by the Blazing Star King event which let you complete the Interlude Chapter: Act 1 – The Crane Returns on the Wind. When all these things will occur in the launch tune then you will be able to smelt the fireworks and start earning the Mora, Primogems, and the Affluence Talismans.

How to use the Launch Tube?

To do it you just have to open the Gadget Tab in the inventory and then go for the launch tube. No other thing will lead to any problem, it will work with every character. When the tube occurs, select the smelting option under the Fireworks Interaction. It will help to unlock all the fireworks that the players can smell. The first ones are also always there to use so you can use The Mountain Clouds Let Down Golden Rain to start the event.

Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide
Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide

How to Smell?

This is the smelting mini-game in Genshin Impact which gets the firework’s parameters into the apt area, marked as an orange section in the UI bar. This had the parameter, which helps to choose the Technique from the right-hand side, and then perform the task. Players have to do this a number of times for the ideal zone and can switch when they want. All Techniques have a different set of power and players can do the smelting for a limited time.

Video Link

To get more information and screen clearance you can watch the video on YouTube. We will give you the link for the video so that you can get the idea. It is good and explained the event very carefully.

This is the link and you can get the reference for it for smooth playing.

This is the full Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide. We had to tell you every bit of the article in it from information about the festival, how to make it and the video for more clearance. This is enough to solve every query of yours. This is all about the Genshin Impact Fireworks Guide. You can refer to the video also.

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