Genshin Impact Flameplume Starflowers Guide & Rewards

Genshin Impact Flameplume Starflowers Guide: Flameplume Starflowers is one of the activities in Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite 2022 event. You’ll be attempting to persuade Keqing to relax. In addition, you’ll learn how to make your fireworks. The Flameplume Starflowers, Launch Tube device, fireworks production challenge, and using pyrotechnics are all covered in our Genshin Impact Lantern Rite guide.

In this article, we will see Flameplume Starflowers, the Launch Tube gadget, and the Fireworks Production Challenge guide are all included in the Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2022.

Genshin Impact Flameplume Starflowers
Genshin Impact Flameplume Starflowers
  • What is Flameplume Starflowers?

At Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite 2022 Event, you can participate in Flameplume Starflowers, one of the in-game events. You’ve been tasked with cheering up Keqing, a workaholic, with a spectacular display of bright fireworks. In Genshin Impact, here’s a quick guide on how to manufacture those Flameplume Starflowers Fireworks for Keqing (and yourself).

  • The Blazing Stars Ring in Fortune quest:

In Genshin Impact, the initial quest for the Flameplume Starflowers activity is pretty simple. You’ll speak with Ningguang first, then Keqing. Keqing appears to be a workaholic, so you’ll have to discuss it with Zhongli. When you catch up with him, he’s dining with Hu Tao and Xiangling. You’ll eventually be given the Launch Tube device.

  • Launch Tube gadget: Production Challenge

You’ll notice that the Launch Tube gadget in Genshin Impact has two commands once you’ve deployed it. The first allows us to smell fireworks, which is exactly what we’re suppose to be doing right now. There are two challenges here right now: “The Mountain Clouds Let Down Golden Rain” and “The Silver Night is Full of Stars.” Let’s pick one and get started.

The goal is to ensure that the three criteria — color, size, and height — have the best possible values. You’ll need to select Smelting Techniques to do so. Pick Nitpicker for the first one, then press “Single Smelt” for each category until the progress bar reaches the golden outline. You should get a 3,000-point rating if you do everything correctly. Then, to finish this section, click “Complete Smelting.”

  • Note 1: Endurance is require for each Smelting Technique and action. If it runs out and you haven’t yet found the sweet spots, repeat the process.
  • Note 2: The temperature (upper-right) is also taken into account. The higher the temperature, the more bonuses you’ll get for each activity.

Subsequent challenges, such as “The Silver Night is Full of Stars,” offer various sweet spots for the criteria. You’ll also gain access to new Smelting Techniques. You might go crazy with some of these values due to some randomness in the process (as well as bonus progress that can be triggered). If this happens, you should stop the procedure and restart it. However, in my case, I choose to use the following:

  • Color – Careful attention to detail to hit the sweet spot.
  • Size and Height — Due to Meticulousness, these should improve slightly. Then you can choose Decisive Boldness for a large increment or Tactile Sensitivity for lesser ones.
Genshin Impact Flameplume Starflowers
Genshin Impact Flameplume Starflowers
  • Rewards:

To see the rewards, return to the Flameplume Starflowers event screen in Genshin Impact. Primogems, mora, ores, Affluence Talismans, and unique fireworks should all be available. The Affluence Talisman currency is use to purchase incentives in the event shop, such as a free Ningguang attire and four-star characters. Meanwhile, the Launch Tube’s other role is serve by the fireworks.

  • Launch Tube gadget: Using your fireworks

The Launch Tube has a second function. You can choose up to ten pyrotechnics, as shown in the figure below (even the same kinds multiple times). Intervals and delays can also be set. The other plans (Plans 2 and 3) are similar to “loadouts” that you can switch between.

You can press “Begin Launching” when you’re ready. Fireworks will burst from the device after a few seconds, lighting up the surrounding region.

You could even move quickly if the trip is only a small distance away. If you time it just so, you can get some decent photo mode screenshots.

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