Electric Pokemon Weaknesses and Strengths

Electric Pokemon Weaknesses and Strengths: In Pokemon, fighting is about more than just sending out your primary monster and telling it to wipe out the opponents. Granted, that tactic may work on occasion, but the battle system is far more complex. When there are several varieties of Pokemon to consider, as well as weaknesses and strengths that make them more or less effective depending on the situation.

Each pocket monster has a preference for one or two different varieties, making assembling a team of six a challenge in variety. When you want to make certain that you’ve covered all of your bases and are prepared for whatever your travel may bring. We’ve produced a chart that displays how strong or weak each type is in comparison to the others to aid you in strategizing.

Strengths, and Weaknesses in Pokémon Go

Each Pokémon has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Fire, flying, and rock-type attacks are all weak to Bug-type Pokémon. Bug-type moves are weak to dark, grass, and psychic-type moves. When used against a bug-type, like as Caterpie, fire, flying, and rock-type attacks deal double damage.

Because certain Pokémon have two types, they can have a doubled weakness or have their strengths and weaknesses cancel out, allowing them to only take regular damage. Rayquaza, a dragon and flying-type Pokemon, is four times more vulnerable to ice-type attacks. Shuckle, a rock, and bug-type, on the other hand, takes regular damage from fire-type attacks because rock-type is strong against fire-type.

Electric Pokemon Weaknesses and Strengths
Electric Pokemon Weaknesses and Strengths

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Electric Pokemon Weaknesses and Strengths

Because remembering all of that can be difficult, we’ve created a chart to assist you.

Strengths of Electric-type Pokemon:

When it comes to stats, Electric-type Pokemon excel in the area of Sp. Attack, ranking about fourth overall among the other types. It is also ranked second in the Speed stat, only after the Flying-type. Electric-type Pokemon are very strong against Flying and Water-type Pokemon. Electric moves also have the advantage of causing a paralyze state, which prohibits them from moving in particular turns.

Weaknesses of Electric-type Pokemon:

The Electric-types’ HP, Attack, and Defense stats are near the bottom of the list, ranked around 14 and 15 overall. The Sp. Defense is around 7, which isn’t bad but also not spectacular. Against Grass, Dragon, and other Electric types, the Electric-type is less effective. It is also completely ineffective against Ground-types, as it causes no damage.

Weak against and Strong Against

Simple logic may be used to predict how many of the types will act based on the chart. When it makes obvious, for example, that fire kinds are weak against water types and that fighting types can easily manage rock types.

Similarly, ghost kinds are strong against psychic types, while dragon types are vulnerable to fairy strikes.

When there are a few interactions, though, that aren’t immediately obvious. For whatever reason, ice kinds are vulnerable to steel strikes, but insect assaults are extremely efficient against psychic types. When Ground assaults are also effective against poison types.

When there are a few cases where a type is vulnerable to itself: dragon types take extra damage from dragon attacks, while ghost assaults are extremely successful against ghost kinds. This is very important to know in Pokemon Sword and Shield because there are both dragon and ghost gym challenges.

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