Does Rocket League Have Game Chat

Rocket League Have Game Chat: Psyonix stunned Rocket League gamers on Tuesday night, Sept. 14, when they announced the discontinuation of voice chat across all platforms. The removal of voice chat was a result of its outmoded model and “performance difficulties”. According to Rocket League’s v2.04 patch notes. The loss of voice chat was explained by Psyonix, who stated that they “are on schedule to bring voice chat back to the game in early 2022.”

Some gamers are questioning if Rocket League has game chat now that one of the main modes of communication has been disabled. After all, players must communicate with one another in some way. Here’s everything you need to know about Rocket League’s game chat.

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Is Game Chat Available in Rocket League?

Rocket League Have Game Chat
Rocket League Game Chat

Yes! Game chat does exist in Rocket League, and it is used pretty regularly in games.

When it comes to conversing, gamers have two alternatives. Players can either use one of the pre-programmed rapid chat options or type a bespoke response in the middle of the game.

In the chat area of the settings, players can change their pre-set quick chat options. They can also learn how to use their quick chat choices on this tab. The numerous fast chat choices will be assigned to one of the D-Pad buttons. For console players, a keybind will be assigned for PC users.

When it comes to bespoke responses, console players will use their touchpad to activate this option. Players on PC can choose between team and global channels, the latter of which delivers a message to all players in the lobby. To access team chat, press t, and to access global chat, press y.

While voice chat will be unavailable for at least the next three months, players will rely heavily on game chat. To avoid missing a beat in the game, players should become comfortable with the rapid chat options and practice typing quickly.

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On ‘Rocket League,’ here’s how to chat with your friends.

If you only want to speak with friends that play on the same platform as you. Creating a party with them is the quickest way to do it while playing. It’s best to do this before you start playing Rocket League on devices like PlayStation and Xbox.

You should be able to talk with your pals while playing this way if you have a mic headset attached to your controller. While playing the game, you can use Party Chat to communicate with only your party.

You won’t be able to start a party with your friends who are playing on a cross-platform device. To communicate within the game if you want to chat with them. According to the official Rocket League FAQ page, voice chat with friends who are playing on a different platform than you is currently unavailable.

Some players have developed solutions, such as joining a Zoom call or a Discord voice chat, which may be a viable option for some.

Unfortunately, Rocket League’s in-game communications appear to be lacking, even though most games do not yet enable cross-platform messaging.

What is Quick Chat in Rocket League?

Use the game’s prepared message to applaud a good play or notify your teammates. That you’re on defense is an alternative to typing.

On a PC, pressing a number key will bring up a list of pre-made sentences. That should suffice to communicate with your team on a basic level. Using the preset messages is so simple and quick that you can do it even if you’re playing Rocket League on a potato PC.

Instead of buttons, the D-Pad can be used to communicate on consoles.

Even if these communications aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, they serve a useful purpose. Saying something like “all yours,” “I got it,” or “Incoming!” as fast messages may be enough to let your teammates know what’s going on and what you’re planning.

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