Can Alpha Pokemon evolve in Pokémon Legends

Can Alpha Pokémon evolve in Pokémon Legends: Pokemon Legends: Arceus goes above and beyond what we’ve seen in previous Pokemon games. One of the new features is the addition of Alpha Pokemon, which players will face on their journey through the Hisui area. Let’s take a look at how Alpha Pokemon can evolve.

Here’s how to evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Players will have to command their Pokemon to evolve in the new open-world game, rather than waiting for it to happen at predetermined levels.

  • To evolve your Pokemon, go to your bag menu and choose the Pokemon you want to evolve.
  • After that, select Evolve if the monster has satisfied its level or evolution requirements.
  • As your Pokemon evolves into its stronger form, enjoy the stunning new animation.

The advantages of evolution are straightforward. Your Pokemon will have access to a selection of new moves in addition to receiving a stat boost.

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What is Alpha Pokemon?

You’ll come to encounter Alpha Pokemon while exploring Hisui, which are more aggressive and powerful forms of Pokemon. The eyes of Alpha Pokemon are blazing red, and they are much larger than their ordinary counterparts. Consider this image of an Alpha Starly next to an ordinary Starly.

Alpha Pokemon are frequently seen in regions where the species’ ordinary forms or pre-evolutions can be found. By default, they have a hostile attitude and will assault the player as soon as they notice them. If a player defeats an Alpha Pokemon in battle, they will obtain rare items such as Grit Dust, Rock, and Pebbles. Don’t worry if you defeat an Alpha Pokemon you wanted to catch; Alpha Pokemon respawn once you leave and return.

Can alpha pokemon evolve
Can alpha pokemon evolve


Alpha Pokemon can also be caught and added to your team. Because they’re hostile, you’ll almost always have to fight them and reduce their HP before attempting a catch. If your party Pokemon has a greater level than the Alpha Pokemon, you can try to catch it without fighting later in the game. You must, however, toss a Pokeball without being seen.

Alpha Pokemon are useful to have in your collection because they have higher stats than their regular counterparts. In some Pokedex Research Tasks, the user is even required to capture an Alpha Pokemon. When checking a Pokemon’s gender in the menus, a crimson Alpha symbol will display next to it to signify that it is an Alpha Pokemon.

Now that you know more about Alpha Pokemon, you’ll be more prepared for the inevitable encounters you’ll have with them as you go across the Hisui region.

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