Baby Klombo Rewards in Fortnite – How to get

Baby Klombo Rewards in Fortnite: Klombo are a big hit among the Fortnite community. The klombo were recently released into the game as part of the update19.10. Since then there has been a lot of chatter about the gentle giants and their impact on the game. There have been some very interesting developments and leaks that will excite the fans. According to many reliable resources, there are high chances of Baby Klombo making its way into the game. Gentle giants will soon be having a variant in the game. And it’s much sooner than many would have expected.

We at have curated this article, about all the fresh new information about Baby Klombo in Fortnite, read on further to know more.

Baby Klombo in Fortnite

Baby Klombo will soon be coming to Fortnite. They will be part of the game as early as next Tuesday itself. There is a huge update, that is already on its way to Fortnite, and the update is tentatively called 19.20. With this update, Epic games are looking forward to adding a whole lot of brand new content, for their players. There will be new changes made to the map, and there will be significant developments to the storyline, Fortnite has been building. According to the rumors, Klombos might be playing a bigger role than many could have spectated. Klombos might be playing a key role, during the finale event of the ongoing Season 1, Chapter 3.

Baby Klombo Rewards in Fortnite
Baby Klombo Rewards in Fortnite

There are significantly two-three ways, Baby Klombo might get introduced into the game. In the first scenario, Baby Klombo might get introduced as Back bling and in the second scenario- the mini klombo could be introduced as Pets as well. In the initial stages of Season1, Fortnite used to let some animals be kept as pets when certain players wanted it. Considering the huge success and chatter Klombo have curated, Fortnite might add baby klombo as pets as well.

In the final and third scenarios- Fortnite will add baby klombo to the game, but players will need to be completing certain missions to unlock them. Considering the update and its plan for release, being close to Thursday( being the release of the weekly challenge).

There have been initial teases about Klombo interacting with the Cuddle team leader loading screens with Klombo and so many more. The coming weeks will be full of fresh content for the players of Fortnite.

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But What is a Klombo

Some players or enthusiasts might be wondering, what is a Klombo, and how did they end up being the major source of chatter in Fortnite, we got you and we have the necessary information about Klombo. Klombo is large with a design that resembles close to a dinosaur. Klombo is aptly called a Gentle giant since they won’t attack any players in the game unless they are completely provoked. There are so many other uses with a Klombo too. Players can make their way up to the top of a Klombo’s head. Use its blowhole and propel itself into air, which makes gliding across the flipped island, way easier. And just in case, if you are in need of any loot or gear, try feeding Klomberries to Klombo. Every time, a player feeds them enough berries, Klombo spits out loot as well.

Baby Klombo Rewards in Fortnite
Baby Klombo Rewards in Fortnite

Spotting a klombo is very easy, but pinpointing a particular spot in the map of Fortnite will be a tougher task. Klombo tend to roam around quite a lot and are always moving from one place to another. With every respawn, klombo can be found in new places, but never ever consider attacking a Klombo. Players can not kill a klombo in the game. Klombo when disturbed and attacked will attack back and it will be really hard for the players to deal with all the damage. Klombo’s tend to dish out a lot more damage to the players, when they are onto them, they can even shoot projectiles aimed at players, when enraged.

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