All Haven Masks in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1!

Haven all Masks in Fortnite. Haven Masks have come in Fortnite, letting participants unlock new customizable choices. The Chapter 3 skin – but only after collecting a large number of Feathers and completing specified missions. Haven is a customizable skin in the Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 Battle Pass, similar to the Toona Fish skin from Chapter 2: Season 8. Players can now unlock a variety of Masks for her to wear thanks to the v19.20 update. There seem to be a total of 30 Haven Masks, but they aren’t easy to come by. To earn each one, you’ll need to complete a requirement – usually completing a challenge such as catching fish or gathering objects – and spend a particular amount of Feathers.

Feathers can be discovered in any chest, whether it’s a common or uncommon one. Feathers will drop at random in each chest, so the only thing you can do is keep opening them. Keep in mind that finding and redeeming feathers in Fortnite requires the Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season 1 Battle Pass. The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks or is included with your Fortnite Crew membership.

Fortnite Haven Masks
Fortnite Haven Masks

A high-tech new POI has arisen deep within the mountains north of Camp Cuddle: Covert Cavern. Navigate the city’s main river and collect supplies from its several facilities. Covert Cavern is said to be home to a Mythic variant of the Stinger SMG, which has greater power than a standard one (and more recoil to match). Getting your hands on it, though, is a difficult task.

All Haven Masks in Fortnite

Below is a collection of all the Haven Masks available in Fortnite, along with how many Feathers you’ll need to unlock them:

  1. All-Seeing Cat (0 Feathers)
  2. Autumn Stag (10 Feathers)
  3. Elder Wolf (10 Feathers)
  4. Hidden Scales (10 Feathers)
  5. Spring Owl (10 Feathers)
  6. Dream Hopper (10 Feathers)
  7. Friendly Klombo (10 Feathers)
  8. Tropical Chirper (10 Feathers)
  9. Fire Hunter (10 Feathers)
  10. Frosty Scavenger (10 Feathers)
  11. Snow Hunter (15 Feathers)
  12. Frosty Chirper (15 Feathers)
  13. Hungry Klombo (15 Feathers)
  14. Frosty Hopper (15 Feathers)
  15. Golden Scavenger (15 Feathers)
  16. Hypno Scales (15 Feathers)
  17. Cuddle Wolf (15 Feathers)
  18. Skelle Stag (15 Feathers)
  19. Primal Owl (15 Feathers)
  20. Reanimated Cat (15 Feathers)
  21. Tropical Owl (20 Feathers)
  22. All-Seeing Hopper (20 Feathers)
  23. Grouchy Klombo (20 Feathers)
  24. Midnight Cat (20 Feathers)
  25. Primal Chirper (20 Feathers)
  26. Eclipse Hunter
  27. Primal Stag (20 Feathers)
  28. Primal Wolf (20 Feathers)
  29. Glowing Scales (20 Feathers)
  30. Midnight Scavenger (20 Feathers)
All Haven Masks in Fortnite
All Haven Masks in Fortnite

Fortnite Feather Locations

Feathers can be discovered inside regular chests all across Fortnite Island. Feathers can be found in every golden chest, regardless of its location. This implies you should begin looking for Feathers so soon as it hits the game.

Feathers are similar to Gold Bars in Fortnite: they’re a currency rather than an item, so they won’t take up space in your inventory if we discover one in-game. It’s simpler to think of these Feathers in the same light as Rainbow Ink bottles if you’ve played Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. If you really want to access all of the possible Haven Masks, you’ll need to visit a lot of Feather places and collect a lot of feathers.

Feathers can be found in chests, but they can also be found in specialized areas, such as Toona Fish’s Rainbow Ink bottles. When further information about individual Feather sites becomes available, we will update this guide. Having the best Fortnite weapons for Chapter 3 Season 1 at our fingertips will help you find Feathers, especially since other players will be looking for them as well.

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