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Call of Duty X Girls Frontline: In this essay, we are going to tell you about the Call of Duty x Girls frontline. So to know more about this topic do read the full article and enjoy.

Tencent’s “Call of Duty Mobile Game” revealed an unexpected fantastical tie-in with the two-dimensional game “Girls Frontline” today. After working on “First Blood 2” and “Die Hard,” the two primaries “Blood” IPs, In my memory. There was a “renowned young” mobile game.

Since its creation, it has been constantly renewing its perception of the outside world. This has been downloaded over 500 million times all around the world. Won the TGA award for the best mobile phone game of 2019. And the iOS free list starts on the first day of national service.

The fourth most popular list consists of However, it does not end there. “Call of Duty Mobile Games” has incorporated new tricks into today’s long-distance operations.

Call of Duty Girls Frontline
Call of Duty Girls Frontline

About Girls Frontline

“Call of Duty Mobile Games” as well as “Girls Frontline” go hand in hand; in “Call of Duty Mobile Games,” the “hardcore” of that first shooter and also the “cute” of a two-dimensional component come together wonderfully.

Call of Duty: Mobile, published by Garena, will soon be accessible in the Chinese version. At the partnership event, guns featuring Girls Frontline characters inscribed on them will be available. The firearms will be the AN-94, 416, and MP5, as well as Scylla’s skin.

This partnership will only be available in the published edition of Call of Duty: Mobile’s Garena; however, no official word has been made as to whether it will be accessible for international customers at a later date.

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Call of Duty x Girls frontline Announcement:

Call of Duty Girls Frontline
Call of Duty Girls Frontline

Unless there are additions owing to regional variances, players can expect everything that the collaboration delivered in the initial launch in China to be offered to them as well.

However, linking is a difficult undertaking in and of itself. It is vital to maintain the qualities of “Girls Frontline” itself in order to arouse the love of gamers. Call of Duty Gaming Platform decided to start from of the world’s perspective, laying the groundwork for mutual understanding between both sides.


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This unique planet was created by chance. Sheila realized that the soldier ants had entered the CODM planet thru time and space fractures. During the crisis, she boarded a Griffin-branded chopper and found that, because Griffin and others were unable to travel thru time and space, she had dispatched a tactical humanoid squad to assist in the elimination of the soldiers.

A two-dimensional “pain gun” that players expect to see in the game must be crucial to the game’s success. Not only did the game have 11 connected weapons such as the AN94, ICR, and Type 25. Each with its own tactical figure, but it also included a linkage character, Sheila AN94.

In addition to a variety of materials such as ornament and spray paint. Linkage Players who can’t wait to even say “wife” to linkage firearms, even before the linkage is formally open. Are actually sitting under the scorn of the “macho guy must play.”

Call of Duty Girls Frontline
Call of Duty Girls Frontline

Some more details:

With the release of “Girls Frontline,” a slew of interactive easter eggs sprung up in the game. Spray paint, a computer screen, projection, a shooting range, and other elements will be present in the war scene, for example. In mission battlefield mode, the Griffin Commander’s dormitories will replace the original secret room in the hospital, and the player will score 8 points. It is also feasible to trigger a soldier ant from this location.

Aside from the in-game tie-ins, the “Call of Duty Mobile Games” out-of-game marketing is also rich in two-dimensional flavor. Players were treated to a special linking wall developed by “Call of Duty Mobile Games” and “Girls Frontline” as part of the game’s offline BW event today.

For the moment being, please wait for such an official debut of the collaboration.

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