Deal Explosive Damage Fortnite Location

Deal Explosive Damage Fortnite Location: Every new week, Fortnite has brand new challenges and new content, for its players. This week is no different, in this week challenges – players will have to move around a little, talk to NPCs, and in some challenges players have to use emotes at specific locations as well. This week’s challenges in Fortnite are not complicated, but a little tricky and need a bit of luck to complete. One of the challenges in Fortnite this week is – players have to deal with explosive damage. This challenge is a little tricky and needs planning to complete successfully. After completing this challenge players will be able to unlock 25,000 XP. In this article, we have covered how to complete the challenge of dealing with explosive damage.

Deal Explosive Damage – Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 3

This challenge is a little trickier to complete and would be easier to complete when played in a team mode. Players have to deal with explosive damage upto 100 HP. Players do not need to complete this challenge in one go, they can do it in different matches. Here are some steps players need to follow for completing this challenge.

Deal Explosive Damage Fortnite Location
Deal Explosive Damage Fortnite Location
  • Players have to keep an eye out for all the explosives.
  • Explosive weapons can be very different – they might be grenades or even rocket launchers as well.
  • Keep the explosives on you, and then use them on the opponent.
  • When playing alone, this might be a little difficult to complete, it is advisable to complete this mission when you are playing with a team.
  • With team mode, you can have the opponent cornered and kill them off with explosives.
  • Players have to deal with 100 HP in order to complete this challenge.
  • If players can’t complete the challenge in one go, the game picks up the score right where it left off, in new games as well.
  • Players need not worry about the damage dealt being lost in the match at all.

It is very obvious to complete this challenge, players need to put in a little extra planning and timing, but completing this challenge will help players unlock 25,000 XP. Unlocked XP can be used to level up faster in the game and unlock many in-game rewards.

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Other Fortnite Challange

After completing this challenge, if you are wondering what are the other challenges, that you could complete in the Week 8 challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Here is the list of other challenges.

The above-mentioned challenges are a lot trickier when compared to last week’s challenges. This week’s set of challenges involves a lot of moving around the map, and collecting items, which is one of the main reasons Epic games release weekly challenges.

Epic games, the developer team behind Fortnite pushes out weekly challenges for players to explore the flipped island. Developers and designers make noticeable changes and push out brand new content into the game, almost every single month and sometimes even on a weekly basis as well.

Deal Explosive Damage Fortnite Location
Deal Explosive Damage Fortnite Location

But with the recent release of update V19.10, Fortnite has bought back Tilted towers and introduced new NPCs as well. In Fortnite, there are more than 20 NPCs roaming around. Fortnite uses these NPCs sparingly well and crafts weekly challenges that will involve them also. With the new February crew pack already underway, this might be a good time to jump in the game complete as many challenges as possible and level up faster.

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