Week 2 Challenge- Mission Guide Brawlhalla

Week 2 Challenge- Mission Guide Brawlhalla: In this essay, we will get to know about week 2 challenge guide brawlhalla. we will see about daily missions, weekly missions of brawlhalla. Hope you will enjoy this article. Do read this full article.

The Battle Pass is a Brawlhalla feature that allows you to obtain exclusive cosmetics by completing objectives. The Battle Pass, They are reveal May 12, 2020, rewards players for progressing through the 85 tiers of the Battle Pass to gain goodies.

It is divide into tiers, with each tier providing a different reward for the player. To complete each tier, you’ll need 12 Battle Gems.

Battle Gems can now be obtain in three ways:

Missions of the Day:

Every day, a new daily mission is provided, rewarding Battle Gems. One task can be swap out for a different, random mission each day.

Missions Every Week

Seven new missions are released every week for the duration of a Battle Pass. These missions can only be done once, and the number of Battle Gems awarded varies based on the assignment.
XP Mission for Battle Pass
XP Mission for BattlePass.png

This is a common task that was adding in Season 1 and rewards Battle Gems throughout the season. This assignment can only be completed by obtaining Battle Pass XP, which may be obtained by playing matchmaking games. This quest can be accomplished several times, with each completion requiring more Battle Pass XP. The amount of Battle Pass XP awarded is determined by the player’s matchmaking position and whether or not they have Battle Pass XP Multipliers.

Week 2 Challenge- Mission Guide Brawlhalla
Week 2 Challenge- Mission Guide Brawlhalla

Missions Every Week:

Weekly Assignments are a series of seven new missions available each week to complete. Players with the Free Pass can only finish three of the tasks, however, those with the Gold Pass can accomplish all of them.

The difficulty of these missions varies, and the rewards range from Battle Gems 2 to Battle Gems 12, depending on the challenge. Completing any four objectives from the same week earns you an additional Battle Gems 3. As long as the Battle Pass is active, missions from previous weeks can be done.

Progression Cosmetics

In addition to Battle Pass progression, the Battle Pass functionality now includes cosmetics that are based on that progression. These are cosmetics that have levels that can be improving by completing specified goals, such as KOs or victories. The cosmetic will level up and take on a new appearance after the completion of the assignment. These missions can also be accomplished after a Battle Pass has expire, as long as the Battle Pass was purchasing while it was still available.

Advancement cosmetics are currently only available in the form of Podiums and Skins, each with three levels of progression. An option in the settings will allow us to select previous levels of the cosmetic.

In this article, we saw about daily missions weekly missions of season 2 in brawlhalla. we saw about the cosmetics and information about the battle pass. hope you will enjoy this article.

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