Squad Beatz: Free Rewards, Pakistan Server

Squad Beatz Free Rewards, Pakistan Server: You all would know that Garena Free Fire has come day to day, different company, the different brand keeps on collaborating with different teams. Collaborates with many people but this time Free Fire has collaborated with a different thing called Squad Beatz. We give complete information about Squad Beatz. Which reward will Garena give you for free and in which events will you put diamonds? When is it coming? What will be its date? Coming or when it will end or Squad Beatz will give you complete information. All of you are welcome to let’s start with our new article and in our new Squad Beatz topic.

Squad Beatz: Free Rewards, Pakistan Server

Now we will tell you which reward you will get for free which reward will require you to put diamonds and or when Squad Beatz coming. We will give you complete information along with this, we will also tell you how you can get diamonds for free. How else do you get a diamond reward in Squad Beatz? In this Squad Beatz collaboration by giving diamonds and where will you get diamonds for free. We tell you everything one by one and give you all the information about Squad Beatz.

Squad Beatz: Free Rewards, Pakistan Server
Squad Beatz: Free Rewards, Pakistan Server

Below are all the rewards and which ones you will get for free it has also been told and which one will have to be bought, that has also been told, then read the paragraph below.

Loot box

You’ll get the loot box for free and in Squad Beatz loot box looks great as well it is small in size. It is not that big but if it looks very shiny, unique design then you will like it and get this for free.


You like Pan Skin a lot because when we saw it, we liked it very much and one more thing that is special about this is that we all will get it for free. You’ll probably have to do something special for it and you’ll get it for free at the Squad Beatz collaboration. In the skin of the pan, you will get to see pink fire coming out, which looks very nice pink fire.

Bag pack

This time when you will get the backpack in Squad Beatz, it is very good and you will get it for free. Because it is very good to look and looks a little modest and also looks a little good. That’s why Garena is giving it to you for free in this Squad Beatz. And if you check the hole bag pack of every level, level 1 to level 2 or level 3 then you will look very good. It is very good among all the three-level and you are getting it for free.

Must Read

Female Bundle in this Squad Beatz Collaboration

If we talk about the female bundle, that too of this Squad Beatz collaboration. Then whether it will be available in the free one or not, it’s not confirmed yet. 2 Bundles of females are coming, but we are going to get one for free. At first we were told one, but after canceling that one, then we are being told that the second female bundle will be available for free now which one Garena gives us for free. You know you can change Garena anytime, so whatever bundle you will get in selling, you will know only after the arrival of the game.

So far only this much information has come out from Garena’s side you are going to get all this for free. You may not get any of these for free because all this is not confirmed yet if we talk about the rest of the goods. Then she will not tell you whether the Garena is giving it to you for free or not? So how did you like this article of ours, if you liked this article of ours, then keep reading our upcoming articles. We told you that you will also get diamonds for free, so for that, you have to read our previous articles. We have also written articles on free diamonds, so go and read our previous articles.

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