Restore Health by Consuming Klomberries Fortnite Challenge

Restore Health by Consuming Klomberries. It is really uncertain when Klombos first appeared in Fortnite, but they sure do enjoy Klomberries. They can’t get enough of these tiny blue delicacies. They’ll rip the island apart in their pursuit of these fruits.

Unfortunately, no one seems to recognise why they are so devoted to them. Many people in the community are perplexed and perplexed as a result of this. What is it about these berries that Klombos find so appealing? Because there is no mention of it in the game’s lore, it appears that players will have to figure it out for oneself.

Restore Health by Consuming Klomberries
Restore Health by Consuming Klomberries


Every week on Thursdays at 2 pm GMT, new challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale are released, as well as there seem to be seven seasonal challenges to complete. Completing challenges grants you 25,000 XP each, for a total of 175,000 XP per week. Obtaining more XP will allow you to level up and earn more Battle Stars, something that you use to buy cosmetics from the Season 1 Battle Pass. Many of the Fortnite players want to know how to complete this task.

In this article, we are here to help you. We will provide you as much as possible and useful information regarding this new thing in the game. As like other players if you are also confused regarding this consumable item. And you want to know more about it you are at the right place.

Loopers will have to eat a few Klomberries for the sake of science. To render the test valuable, they should perform it when they are in need of HP recovery. This will aid in the discovery of their healing properties. Those who finish the task will receive 25,000 exp.

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Where and How to Find Klomberries in Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 3

It will be difficult to locate Klomberries in-game. There are, fortunately, methods to make it possible. Will see how, follow the given steps:

  1. Klomberry bushes could be discovered throughout the Chapter 3 map.
  2. Players must locate a bush and gather three berries from this.
  3. Optionally, if locating a Klombush proves difficult, players can buy Klomberries from Haven.
  4. She’s in the far southeast corner of Greasy Grove as well as distributes evey Klombberry for 25 gold bars.

Restore Health by Consuming Klomberries in Fortnite Chapter 3

Restore Health by Consuming Klomberries
Restore Health by Consuming Klomberries

Yes, remarkably. All those small blueberries come in handy when things get tough. They are very versatile because they heal HP and shields. During the early game, players can use them to quickly shield themselves and start preparing for combat. Those who are also helpful for players who urgently need shields in the middle to late game.

Even so, there is a drawback to this delectable fruit. As per HYPEX, Klombushes only have a 30% opportunity of spawning in the game. This would make them highly difficult to find during a match. While some players will be fortunate enough to find them, others will have to stay looking. Finally, while Klomberries are beneficial consumable items in Fortnite Chapter 3, players should not rely on them. Such items should be regard as a bonus treat only.

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