High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile

In this topic, we will tell you about High tier loot zones in the game COD Mobile. There are many places and reasons for high-tier loot in the game COD. But one of the prevalent reasons is to accomplish the Target Locked mission “Land in High Tier Loot Zones 5 Times”. After which you will receive the wonderful benefits that follow.

As a result, in this quick guide, we’ll show you 5 high-tier loot zone places on the maps. So you can earn different types of rewards in the match.

About the Game

Call of Duty Mobile is a free multiplayer game for Android and iOS. It was launched in the year 2018 in Alpha. The mode of the game is First Person Perspective ( FPP ). There are many modes available in the game. There are two options available Ranked and Not Ranked to practice for the game.

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High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile

  • Pier

After Being Dropped Off from The Plane, This Is the First Destination on The Map and The Closest Zone. There Are Many Goods to Loot in This Place. and We’ve Included an Image of The Map that Pinpoints It. so You Can See Where It Is Exactly Located on The Map.


High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile
High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile
  • Practise Range

This Location Is Also Extremely Close to Your Drop-Off Place. However, It Is Further Away than The Last One. Because of The Large Number of Weapons, Armors, and Even Armored Vehicles Located Nearby, the Practice Range Is a Popular High Loot Zone. We’ve Included a Map that Shows the Exact Position so You Won’t Have Any Trouble Finding It.

  • Cellhouse

Due to The Site, This Location Is Heavily Arming with High Loots, and It Is Also a Very Crowded Place with People. It’s Like Being at The Center Position of The Map, so Keep an Eye on Your Back. Also, While Landing, Make Sure to Land on Top of The Ceiling, Where You’ll See a Hole in The Ceiling that Will Transport You Straight Into the Building, Where You’ll Find the High-Value Loot.

  • Parade Ground

This Place May Be Found on The Same Map as The Cellhouse, It Is Closer to Your Drop-Off Zone. It Appears Like There Isn’t Much to Loot from Afar, yet There Are Plenty of Goods to Loot, Which Is Why It Made Our List.

  • Factory

Finally, There’s the Factory Which Is the Same as The Practice Range. the Factory Is a Well-Known High-Loot Spot that Stands out From the Crowd Due Easily Availability. There Are a Lot of Heavy Weapons There, and If You Look Around Long Enough, You Can Even Locate Some Serious Armaments that Will Give You an Advantage Over the Other Players.


In Call of Duty Mobile, there are numerous high loot locations, many of which you may have discovered countless times. Without realizing they were high loot locations. And if you haven’t visited any of these places yet, this is your chance.

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