Battlefield 2042 Zombie Mode: Full Detail

Battlefield 2042 Zombie Mode: Battlefield 2042, does suffer from game-breaking bugs. A mode that was requested by fans for a long time is set to go live and will be available in Battlefield 2042, for a limited period of time. Battlefield 2042 is set to introduce a limited-time Zombie mode in the game, and there are strong rumors, that this is a testing phase of having matches with fewer players in a match.

With Zombie mode, Battlefield  2042, will be testing four players in a squad, and they will be facing a hoard of Zombies. This mode is rumored to be tough on many levels and in fact, uses all the developments made by the developers to a certain extent. Battlefield 2042, has launched with a long list of bugs and went on to become one of the worst-reviewed games in Steam History.

And in a shocking turn of events, Steam even started to issue refunds breaking its own rules, just for Battlefield 2042. But on the flip side, there are many that are expecting the game to be fixed, after a few sets of updates. Because, every game in the franchise of Battlefield has launched with its fair share of bugs, but went to become best sellers and set a benchmark as well.

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But things for Battlefield 2042 seem to be a lot more different, for the very first time, Battlefield 2042 has completely ditched on a single-player storyline and has focused on building a multiplayer system and failed at it, but are on their way of fixing things. DICE, the developer team behind Battlefield 2042 is on the verge of creating as many multiplayer modes possible, with Battlefield’s portal mode being the center for all of it.

With Battlefield portal mode, players will get to revisit and experience a lot of weapons and maps from the previous installments of Battlefield games. The latest mode, that is added to the game, is one of the intense modes, that made their way into the Battlefield games.

Battlefield 2042 Zombie Mode: All you need to know about it

Battlefield 2042 Zombie Mode
Battlefield 2042 Zombie Mode

On January 20th, Battlefield 2042 Twitter handle has made an official announcement regarding the arrival of the new mode. This mode was created with a streamer named –  StoneMountain64. This mode created by the streamer highlights and sheds great light on the sheer possibilities of Battlefield’s portal mode. With portal mode in Battlefield, the possibilities for creating engaging game modes are limitless, and the new Zombie mode follows the track that was initially laid during the holiday season.

During the holiday season, the player was facing up against Santa’s infected elves and was fighting them out. But this time around Zombie Mode of Battlefield 2042, the players and their teamwork will be up for the test. Players will be dropped on a map, and Zombies with parachutes are set to drop onto the map with Knives. As time keeps passing the number of zombies dropping in will increase, and players and their squad will have to battle them out, and they will be given very limited chances of respawning, amidst all this.

If the squad, rakes in more kills on Zombies, the chances of reviving their dead teammates will keep increasing. The zombies in this mode are just AI players who are equipped with knives only. But the entire team ammo will be very limited and this will test the player’s abilities and how they make use of the limited resources at hand. The Zombie mode is currently available in Battlefield 2042 and will be available only for a short period of time – notably till January 27th only.

After that, DICE might bring in some different and exciting modes for its players, based on the response this mode generates from the current player base. Even though, the current player base for the game is low. If the developer manages to turn things around, we could see a sharp increase in a number of players for Battlefield 2042.

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