Aerial Archer Fortnite: Hawkeye X Fortnite

Aerial Archer Fortnite: As we have discussed in our previous article the game’s on a rampage as it is they have done a collaboration with a marvel superhero Hawkeye. The collaboration is better known as Hawkeye X Fortnite. In this collaboration, they have added a new Hawkeye bundle to the game.

This collaboration is a great one actually because marvel had recently released their new web show Hawkeye. The collaboration is basically done for the promotion of the web show. This has also benefited Fortnite as all the Hawkeye Fans will be interested to see their favorite superhero skin in a game so some fans of HAWKEYE would play the game. And as we all know how awesome the game is so once a player had played it for once that player would be a fan of the game.

Since the bundle has been made available in the game the Aerial Archer is the talk of the town. The outfits have also gained popularity and are also good and cool. So if you get them then it is a real plus point for your profile.

So in today’s informative article, we are going to discuss the items which are available in the bundle and most eminently about the Aerial Archer.

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Aerial Archer Fortnite: The Hawkeye Bundle

Aerial Archer Fortnite
Aerial Archer Fortnite

Right now we will just give you a basic idea about what does the Hawkeye Bundle contains. So, the Hawkeye Bundle basically contains 8 items. Really that is great and rewarding for the players. Now coming at the main thing which everyone wants to know is How Muh Does the Hawkeye Bundle Costs? The Hawkeye Bundle costs you 2,400 V-BUCKS which is really really expensive. But it is pretty bit fair because after all, you are getting 8 superb and cool items.

Now let’s have a brief look at what the HAWKEYE BUNDLE contains. First of all, it contains 2 outfits which are of HAWKEYE which is obvious after all it is named after him. The second outfit is of KATE BISHOP which a new lady superhero added to Marvel Universe with this web show. We also get one arsenal one of HAWKEYE and the other one is a Quiver of KATE. Both the outfits are really eye-catching and the Arsenal and Quiver make it even more attractive.

You also get two harvesting tools one is PICKROSS BOW and the other one is TAUT SLICER. Both of them really look very much stylish. Also, it contains one LOADING SCREEN in which you see HAWKEYE and KATE in some kind of action and the screen is pretty bit basic but good. It contains one glider which is the talk of the town the AERIAL ARCHER. Now we are going to discuss the AERIAL ARCHER.

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Aerial Archer Fortnite Bundle: All you Need to Know

Aerial Archer Fortnite bundle
Aerial Archer Fortnite

Now let’s talk about one of the best things from the HAWKEYE bundle which is none other but the AERIAL ARCHER. So as we have discussed it is a glider. Now let us talk about its appearance and is it worth your hard-earned V-BUCKS or not?

Aerial archer is a marvel series Glider which is made available due to the HAWKEYE x FORTNITE collaboration. First of all, let us discuss its appearance, It is basically BLACK COLOR with some purple stripes on it. The colors Black and Purple basically represent the HAWKEYE and KATE as the character wears the same colored OUTFIT and its color scheme is also as same as the HAWKEYE and KATE’S OUTFITS in-game which makes it look even cooler.

Now let’s talk of the most prominent question Is the Archer Aerial Worth Your V-Bucks or Not? So, the answer to this question is a big YES, it is worth your hard-earned v-bucks. If want to buy the glider then it will cost you 800 V-BUCKS but we would recommend buying the whole Bundle because in-that you are getting 8 items for 24oo V-BUCKS which is relatively cheap because if you do the math then each would cost you only 300 V-BUCKS. So. we recommend you to buy the whole bundle, at the end it’s your personal choice.

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