Harvest Stone from The Temple, the Ruins – Fortnite Week 7 Challenge

Harvest Stone from The Temple, The Ruins, or Tumbledown Temple: Even though the name of this challenge is a little longer than usual in Fortnite, the challenge that players will be going through is quite an interesting one when compared to all the other challenges that were introduced till now. This challenge takes and makes the best use of the recently introduced update 19.10. For the majority, all the weekly challenges are centered to bring in a lot of awareness about all the content that is already in the game. So that players get familiar with all the changes and possibilities the game has up its sleeve.

And harvesting stone from the temple, the ruins or tumble down temple do fit rightly into the scheme as players will get a lot of awareness that stones in Fortnite can be harvested and used for good. Of all the other challenges that are part of Week 7, players will have to feed the Klombos. If you are what are Klombos. They are gentle giants, the recent update has bought back the giant lumbering beasts known as Klmobos. They are super peaceful. But they will attack the players if they are provoked. There is one challenge that is introduced this week, which requires players to feed the gentle giant. More on this specific challenge a little later.

Harvest stone from The Temple, The Ruins
Harvest stone from The Temple, The Ruins

Harvest Stone in Fortnite

Stone is quite important and is valuable in Fortnite. Stones are always in demand, whether it is in Battle Royale mode or Be it in Save the World mode. Stones are much more economic and easier than metal to farm and produce. Stones are better than wood and don’t even catch any sort of fire. But Stones are completely super-strong in-game, they do have their weakness, but they are really useful in getting the work done. with the challenge of harvesting stone from the temple, the ruins, or the tumbledown temple. Players will be visiting the ancient temples, that are already in-game. There is no particular reason why visiting these places is needed, but nevertheless, these places on the flipped island of Fortnite are usually less crowded as well. So players can complete this task without any risk of getting shot at. Also, completing this challenge will help the players immensely, the players will be exploring the places and after harvesting the stone, the game will reward them with 25,000 points as well.

Harvesting stone is an easier task, but it is better to complete this challenge along with a friend in the game. So when one is harvesting the stones, the other one can keep an eye out for the enemies and not get ambushed in the locations.

Fortnite Week 7 Chapter 3 challenges
Harvest stone from The Temple, The Ruins

Harvest Stone from The Temple, The Ruins or Tumbledown Temple in Fortnite Chapter 3 season 1 :

We have listed down the steps that will be required to follow when trying to harvest stones at the temple, the ruins, or tumbledown temples individually. Following these steps, players can easily complete the task and gain the XP.

The Temple :

  • Players need to land at The Daily Bugle or near the Seven outposts III.
  • Players need to go and collect all the basic gears.
  • After collecting the needed gear, the player should progress to The Temple which is located northeast of the daily bugle.
  • If the players have landed near the seven outposts III, they should move in the west direction for going to the temple.
  • And once the player is there, it is easy to spot and harvest all the 200 stones and complete the challenge.

Tumbledown Temple :

  • Players can land directly at the Tumbledown Temple.
  • And if they want to land in a different area – it is advisable to land nearby Colossal Cactus.
  • The Colossal Cactus is located South of the tumbledown temple.
  • Land and collect all the basic gear needed.
  • Players need to head to the tumbledown temple and start harvesting the stones.
  • But if the players are land near Colossal Cactus, they need to move in the North direction, which will bring them closer to the POI.

The Ruins :

  • The Ruins are located very far east from The Daily Bugle building.
  • Land and collect all the needed gear, before heading to harvesting.
  • Harvest 200 stones and the challenge is completed.

Harvest 200 stones are needed to complete this challenge and the players can complete this challenge in a single match. At this point, after the challenge has gone live, only The Ruins has a low number of players dropping and harvesting the stones. It is much advised that the players pick the ruins over the other two POIs and complete the challenge easily.

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