Garena Free Fire Ob 32 Update

In this article, we are going to give you details on Garena Free Fire Ob 32 Update so there will be fun and exciting news in which we are gonna tell you about free fire update so read the article full okay.

So Free Fire Ob 32 updates are gonna be an amazing master blaster and it will be released in January 2022 in this article we will give you information on the release date of Garena Free Fire Ob 32 update new pet updates, new gun, and also much more on this so please move on further details given below.

So you all know that the latest ob 31 updates of Garena Free Fire was released on 1st of December which is the latest update ob 31 of Garena Free Fire and currently running and there will be a new update. In Garena Free Fire it was a lot changed by this update. And next update will be the ob 32 update of Garena Free Fire like the new character naira was introduced in free fire ob 31 updates, and also a new pet yeti also much more.

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Free Fire Ob 32 Update Release Date

Garena Free Fire Ob 32 Update
Free Fire Ob 32 Update

Like the previous update in Garena Free Fire which was the ob31 update and the next coming update which is the ob32 update will also bring many new leaks new changes additions and many things to come. This article will show you up the leaks and share all the information on the Garena Free Fire Ob32 update so read further.

So the Garena Free Fire upcoming ob32 update has a lot of leaks and has been expected to come in January 2022 and it is expected to release on 21 st January 2022. As there is no further announcement made by the Garena Free Fire officials there are some new leaks founded by unknown resources so they are.

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Garena Free Fire Ob 32 Update Features Are:

First of all, there is a new upcoming pet called flash:

1. New pet – flash

In all the previous updates you all know in ob updates there was also something new in this Garena Free Fire ob 32 update there will be a new pet which is flash and it is introduced in the game.

Also, it comes with a very special skill called steel shell and it is a very good pet.

At level 1 he reduces the damage from the ff knife and also with bullets which are taken from behind and by 10 percent which is up to 100 points and cooldowns in 150 seconds in the Garena Free Fire Ob 32 update.

At level 2 he reduces damage from ff knife and bullets in and take from behind up to 15 percent and also with 120 points. It also cooldowns in 120 seconds of usage in the Garena Free Fire Ob 32 update.

At level 3 it reduces damage from ff knife and bullets then it is taken from behind up to 25 percent and also up to 150 points and cooldowns in 90 seconds in Garena Free Fire Ob 32 update.

2. Separate auto pick up for different modes in settings in Garena Free Fire Ob 32 update.

So in settings, there will be auto pick-up options from now and the features may be divided into two game modes which are clash code modes and classic battle royale modes. It allows a separate auto pick up option in Garena Free Fire Ob 32 update and in different modes with different items it is the same for both classic mode and clash squad mode in Garena Free Fire Ob 32 update.

3. There is also one new gun charge buster it is a shotgun named with charge buster and will be coming to the game in Garena Free Fire Ob32 update.

4. Change lobby music is a new feature in Free Fire Garena which is now available in settings and you can change music any time in the Garena Free Fire Ob 32 update.

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