Fortnite World Cup 2022, Schedule ! Complete Details

Fortnite World Cup 2022; Due to all the COVID-19 pandemic, Fortnite in-person events were halted in December 2020. Following that, nearly two years of solely online competition ensued. Local area network (LAN) activities are anticipated to reappear in 2022 when the world progressively returns to normal. With the very first Fortnite World Cup taking place in 2019, FNCS Trios dominating the competitive scene for the previous year, and no LAN events again for scene staged until late 2020, the Fortnite competitive community has been eagerly anticipating the announcement of a World Cup 2022.

The Professional Fortnite Team revealed their main ideas and changes for Professional Fortnite in 2022 on Friday. Here is another summary about whether or not a Fortnite World Cup will be held next year. Unfortunately, the World Cup 2022 dream revelation looks to be a long way off for the time being, since the question of whether or not the World Cup will return wasn’t really discussed in Epic Games’ official Competitive Presentations in 2022 blog entry.

Fortnite World Cup 2022
Fortnite World Cup 2022

FNCS Grand Royale

Epic Games’ biggest pull for this year and seems to be something third-party offline events are now taking applications for in-person events, once this season’s FNCS Grand Royale closes and marks the conclusion of participation in Chapter 3. Since Trios fulfilled its aim of providing a “constant and steady annual game mode again for best players” this year, the Competitive Fortnite Group decided to switch the major Competitive game type in Fortnite to Duos in 2022 to mix things up.

Changes to the format and structure of FNCS Duos qualifications and semi-finals, Division tournaments, 2-Round Cash Cups, and other competitive elements for next year were fully explored, thus further Fortnite World Cups are still feasible.

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Schedule for Fortnite World cup 2022

As the year comes to a close, the Fortnite competitive 2022 intentions have indeed been officially confirmed. Fortnite esports has had a particularly rough two years. The COVID-19 epidemic halted live in-person events only days after one of the biggest esports shows of all time, namely Fortnite World Cup 2019. With something like a return to normalcy on the horizon, all eyes are on Fortnite’s competitive intentions for 2022.


Trios was given the whole year of 2021 in order to provide Fortnite players with constant and reliable competition. The primary format of the Fortnite Champion Championship (FNCS) will move from Trios to Duos starting in 2022. The new FNCS will begin in February, giving potential contestants a few months to locate the right Duo partner.

The new Duos option will be accompanied by a slew of format adjustments. The following is a description of the FNCS organization in 2022:


  • FNCS Qualifiers are held twice a week in each area.
  • Qualifiers can still win the team’s automatic qualification to the Finals.
  • Series Point will still be used to decide the winner. Advancement to the semi-finals
  • Now there will be three rounds in the weekly qualifiers (down from four rounds)
  • Both qualifiers will take place at the same time.


There will now be only one single-lobby Heat in the Semi-Finals. The semi-finals will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during Week Two. Each Semi-Final match’s victorious duo will progress to the Finals immediately, eliminating themselves from the Semi-Finals player pool. Even if a duo does not win the Victory Royale, “new tournament technology” awards consistency just at the conclusion of each weekly Semi-Final session, allowing them to progress. After day one, each Semi-Finals session will be repopulated with teams ranked next on the Series Points ranking. This process is repeated until all 50 Finals places have been filled.

The top players from each week’s Solos and Duos winners will be invited to compete in the Fortnite World Cup Finals, which again will take place on July 26-28 in New York City.

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