How to Kill Klombo In Fortnite Chapter 3

How to Kill Klombo In Fortnite: Fortnite is a game that is played across the world and with its latest update of V19.10 it has pleased its fans by adding new features like Klombo Dinosaurs and Tilted Towers.

So in today’s article, we are going to discuss some important information about the Klombo Dinosaur and most eminently we will answer one of the most asked questions about how to Kill Klombo Dinosaur in Fortnite Chapter3 and We Also Teach You How To Tame and Ride a Klombo Dinosaur?

How to Kill Klombo In Fortnite

Some Important Information About Klombo Dinosaur

The Klombo Dinosaur has a giant size and can easily be identified. Their skin is of purple color. They are tall enough that they can be even spotted by the players while landing. Their HP is 400 which makes it quite difficult to kill them.

They give damage up to 25 to a player only if that player had angered him by attacking him. You can tame them and even ride them just by giving them some clown berries. These clown berries are commonly available in the jungle biome.

We have discussed the locations where you can find them in our previous article which was completely focused on their locations and we also gave you some tips ad tricks to tame them and to also find them.

How to Kill Klombo in Fortnite Chapter 3?

How to Kill Klombo In Fortnite
How to Kill Klombo In Fortnite

The answer to this most frequently asked question is NO. You can not kill a Klombo Dinosaur not even with the highest damage-giving weapon or with the lowest damage-giving weapon. You can not kill it with a bomber anything. Basically, the Klombo Dinosaur is inevitable for now until the next update.

It would be great if EPIC brings an update to the Dinosaur in Fortnite. If u are not convinced yet you should try doing it yourself and that would be nothing but just a clear waste of time. So instead of suiciding by fighting with the Dinosaur in Fortnite, you can try winning the match.

You can also use this dinosaur as your mate instead of fighting with it. You can just tame it and then ride which we will teach you further in the article. They can also be used as weapons in a match. So you have to just ride it and then go towards your opponent and try to make them hit the dinosaur as much as possible.

This would anger the dinosaur and you can easily get rid of your opponent. You can also give your opponent double trouble by attacking them yourself while they are trying to escape the wrath of Klombo Dinosaur. This can be really a game-changing strategy and if you do it wisely you can also win the match with help of this strategy.

How to Tame and Ride a Klombo Dinosaur:

As we have discussed they can be used as weapons also in a match. So before you do so you have to tame them and then ride them. Now for that, you’ll need to find some Kolomberries or for easy understanding, you can call them clown berries. These berries are glowing very much. You can also use them to heal yourself.

Once you find a Klombo Dinosaur you just have to throw the berries at him one by one. After eating them it would change their color. When it has eaten the berries it would spit out some amazing rewards like weapons and much more.

So, once you collect all the rewards throw a berry towards him and try to get on top of him. Once you got on top of it you are all set to ride it and use it as a weapon.

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