How to Get Grandmaster in Free Fire 2022

How to Get Grandmaster in Free Fire

Free Fire Rank List

Garena Free Fire Rank List 2022 for The New Latest Season Is Given Below, Ranking Points Chart to Get Heroic or Grandmaster in Every Season.

Bronze 0-1200

Silver 1200-1700

Platinum 1700-2200

Diamond 2200-2700

Heroic 2700-3200

Grand Master 3200 to Top 300

Free Fire Rank List in Clash Squad

Ranks Applied in The Clash Squad Are the Same, but If Still, You Want to See the Rank List of Clash Squad, Then You Can Visit Free Fire Mobile.

Free Fire Grandmaster Top 300 Players

It’s Basic that You Must Complete Above Ranks Like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Heroic to Get Grandmaster. You, Will, Enter the Top 300 Player List in The Free Fire in Terms of Rank when You Achieve Grandmaster. You Won’t Lose the Grandmaster Title in Case Your Ranking Is Dropped to Heroic.

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Tips to Push to The Grandmaster Rank in Free Fire

Official Garena Free Fire Team Didn’t Recommend Pushing Your Rank in The Free Fire. However, You Can Now Easily Push to Grandmaster Rank by Following the Following Tips.

Choose Solo, Duo, or Squad

You Should Create a Nice Rank Pushing Squad Because if You Have a Nice Rank Pushing Squad Then You Can Push Your Rank Easily and You Can Camp and Talk in The Voice Chat, Ultimately It Will Be Fun and Your Rank Will Also Be Upgrading. if You Push Your Rank in Solo vs Squad, Then, Yeah It Will Be Tough at Least You Should Avoid Distractions by Random Teammates.

Get Grandmaster in Free Fire
Get Grandmaster in Free Fire

Worst Things that Happen with Random Players

The Following List Will Tell You About What Worst Things Can Happen When You Will Play with Random Guys.

#1 They Can Land You at Hot Drops Like Peak, Factory, Clock Tower.

#2 They Land You in Front of Enemy, if Don’t Get the Gun on Time Then the Enemy Will Kill You.

#3 They Can Make a Late Land Because that Enemy Will Be Ready with The Gun and Kill You.

#4 They Will Steal Your Loot and Kill You.

#5 if They Are Noobs They Will Get Down Very Soon and You Can Waste Your Time Reviving Them.

#6 They Never Support You in The Rush and You Go Alone and Died.

#7 They Do Not Revive You in Time or Completely Not Revive You.

#8 They Drive and Stop the Car in Front of Enemies and You Can Get Killed.

#9 They Don’t Communicate with You

Land Safe Place and Loot Medkits

Restore Your Health by Blue Zone/jumping from Heights. Tell Knockdown Teammates Themselves with Grenades, High Fall, Vehicles. Try to Revive More Teammates so That You Get More Support Points. Give Damage to Enemies from A Long Distance. Kill the More Enemies.

Try to Get Damage as Much as You Can. Get the Booyah and Check the Score Yourself. First Learn the Skills Like Close Range Right Tips, Guns Guide. the Ranking System Automatically Rewards You. Rank Pushing Is Always Pain if You Are Not a Good Gamer.

Get Grandmaster in Free Fire
Get Grandmaster in Free Fire

How to Get Grandmaster Rank in One Day?

It’s only Possible on The First Day to Get Your Name in The Top 300 Players in The Free Fire in Terms of Rank Because Other Players Also Push Harder from The First Day.

If you take time then there will be no chance of your name getting in the top 300. All the players try to get more points after reaching grandmaster so that they can make a strong place in the top 300 player list. So then you have to play more time than there.

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