Destroy Objects While Driving a Quadcrasher Fortnite week 7 Challange

Destroy Objects while driving a Quadcrasher in Fortnite: We are officially in the Week 7 of   Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 3. And on Thursday, Fortnite officially reveals the weekly challenges. This week challenges have gone live in the game. Destroying objects while driving a quadcrasher is one of the challenges , in the Week 7 challenges. This is one of the easiest challenges in the current weekly challenges. We at have curated this guide, to help and guide the players in completing the challenge much easily.

In order to complete the challenge of destroying objects while driving a quadcrasher. Players need to know where to find a quadcrasher easily and complete the simple task at hand.

Fortnite Week 7 Chapter 3
Destroy Objects While Driving a Quadcrasher Fortnite

Destroy Objects While Driving a Quadcrasher Fortnite week 7 Challange

Quadcrashers are one of the in-game vehicles. The quadcrashers were brought back into the new season of Fortnite, after briefly disappearing for a while. Currently, there are many quadcrashers , that are live in-game and if you are looking out for something that is different looking, there are quadcrashers that are designed with different skins as well. But apart from the skins, the way quadcrasher works makes it even more special, and a favorite for many.

A quadcrasher does more than just navigate players from one terrain to another. A quadcrasher is capable of wreaking so much havoc, they are capable and can destroy any player-built surface in the game, and boost through the air very swiftly. A quadcrasher can hold two-player, so one player can focus on the driving while the other can focus on shooting. And, the quadcrasher can even launch players into the air as well, all the players need to do is smash into any strong item and they will be flying.

Quadcrasher almost acts like an aircraft, but the players need to have built up enough boost, and the faster the player moves through the boost gets generated. The weekly challenge, at hand, actually uses the quadcrasher’s ability to the fullest. A quadcrasher has the ability to destroy buildings, and if there’s any building left out, players can ram them through easily and bring them to the ground.

Destroy Objects while driving a Quadcrasher :

In the initial stages, this challenge was supposed to be related to Tornadoes, but a similar challenge was introduced last week. So after little tweaks, Epic games have introduced this challenge. Players just need to ram into objects after acquiring a quadcrasher. But where to find the quadcrashers on the flipped island of Fortnite.

After the recent update 19.10, a lot of POI’s on the map have quadcrashers parked around. Here are some of the places, players can find quadcrashers easily – Camp Cuddle, Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, Shifty Shafts, and many more, After Tilted Towers made their return to the game, many players are opting to land there and are creating co-coordinated attacks. It is highly advisable to pick a spot, where players drop less frequently to complete this challenge. The Daily Bugle and Shifty Shafts are some of the places, players are dropping very little these days, compared to others.

Destroy Objects While Driving a Quadcrasher Fortnite
Destroy Objects While Driving a Quadcrasher Fortnite


There are many quadcrashers that are already parked outside and nearby the gas station. Players need to drop and acquire a quadcrasher, doing that is almost half the challenge completed. From here on, after acquiring a quadcrasher, players need to drive around and destroy 30 objects. There are no specific objects that need to be destroyed. Players can destroy trees, bushes, and fences as well.

After the player has successfully destroyed 30 objects while driving around in a Quadcrasher. The challenge would be officially completed and in a short while, a reward of 25,000 XP will be added to the player’s account. The weekly challenges are one of the best ways, players can level up easily.

If you are looking out for other guides in completing the challenges- stay tuned to our site –official panda. We are curating specific articles that will help the players in completing the challenges of Week 7.


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