[Solution] Fortnite Color Blind Mode Settings Is Not Working

Color Blind Mode Settings Is Not Working in Fortnite. Fortnite gamers have encountered a variety of issues connected to the game’s graphic settings in the last some hours. Many reports claim that when players try to restore Fortnite’s blind mode to its usual settings, the colour is messed up. In this article, we are going to cover each and every detail regarding this topic. This topic will be helpful for those who use color blind mode in Fortnite. So we recommend you to read the whole article this will definitely help you resolve your problem.

In the past few hours, Fortnite players have faced a variety of problems that were related to game design. According to multiple reports, the blind mode in Fortnite is behaving erratically as the default settings reset when players try to change it. How is color blind mode Settings?

Color Blind Mode Settings Is Not Working in Fortnite
Color Blind Mode Settings Is Not Working in Fortnite

Color Blind Mode Settings Fortnite

For anyone who doesn’t know, this type of colour blindness is particularly beneficial to those who are colour blind. In essence, it changes the hue of the UI so that they can enjoy the game.

Although the mode is designed for visually impaired players, some players utilise the parameters to create their own colour combinations.

The video below will show you how the variances in color sensitivity vary between Fortnite and Fortnite.

Color blind mode in Fortnite isn’t working properly.

Many complaints claim that when players try to adjust the colour blind mode settings in Fortnite, they aren’t saving. As a result, the default colour palette was set to 1, 2, and 3 o’clock.

None of these things can be saved using colour blindness settings. Colour blindness settings have been reset to default while I’m playing rn. When I try to edit them, the modifications are returned to the default when I press the changes button. Is it the PS4 upgrade that’s causing this issue? Source

The problem may be found in both the Xbox and PC versions of Fortnite. In general, all players were affected by this bug.

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Possible Current Solution For this Issue

As previously stated, there is a potential solution to the problem. Follow the steps outlined below.

Go to the settings menu, select your colour blindness, and apply it, taking care not to scold the setting.

Instead, go outside and pass your door along. Please log in once more. After that, your colour blindness settings should be preserved.

To finish, we’ll update this page with pertinent information if any further developments in Fortnite colour blind mode emerge. You can also look into the Fortnite-specific bug/issue tracker.

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Color Blind Mode Settings Fortnite

Epic Games is aware of the issues that have been rectified on PC

Epic Games is already aware of the stated issues, it should be mentioned. That was confirmed by their official Twitter account. In addition, work on the repair is already beginning.

We’re aware that the colour blind mode settings have been reset and are no longer saved. We’re on the lookout for a solution and will keep you updated as soon as we learn more. Source

Apparently, the glitch in Fortnite’s PC has been fixed since then. Meanwhile, console players will have to wait a little longer for a fix.

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