Vi Fortnite Skin Release Date, Leaks

Vi Fortnite Skin With the release of Fortnite update 19.10, data miners discovered a fairly unusual new skin that will be available soon. This leak is centered on the Vi Skin. We set out all of the information we have about this item in this post, including when it will arrive, how much it will cost, and all of the featured features.

In the Fortnite code, Vi’s avatar skin has been discovered. One of the most well-known Fortnite data miners, HYPEX, has revealed this information on Twitter, along with a picture of the skin. Because he isn’t the only one who has leaked this information, we can be certain that this is a skin Epic Games will offer in the game.

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The Twitter account Fortnite News shared a photo of Titled Towers on the map, which is flanked on three sides by land and on the fourth by a lake. Meanwhile, TweaBR has released a screenshot of the city in-game sans snow on Twitter.

Vi Fortnite Skin
Vi Fortnite Skin Release Date

This new skin looks just like the character from the Netflix series and is set to become the second character from the League of Legends franchise to join the Fortnite roster. Before Arcane debuted, Fortnite added Jinx to its character lineup.

Release Date of Vi Fortnite Skin

So, when will Vi make an appearance in Fortnite? Although the availability has not yet been confirmed, we may expect it to arrive soon. Maybe even before the next update, which is set to arrive on February 1st.

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Pricing of Vi Fortnite Skin

Given that Jinx costs V-Bucks, it’s safe to assume that Vi will be an exclusive paid skin as well. When it comes, we can expect Vi to cost 1,500 V-Bucks in the Fortnite marketplace.

As is often the case, this information is subject to change. Only the design of the skin can be trusted; everything else is speculation, and it’s already being discussed in the Fortnite community. We’ll have to wait for Epic Games to make an official announcement before we can provide you with any other details.

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According to dataminers, Vi will have accessories published alongside the skin. A new backbling, harvesting tool, and emote will be among them. New Marvel collaborations with Hawkeye, adding Kate Bishop and Clint Barton to the game, are also included in the latest files. Green Goblin will also make his first appearance.

Fans will have to wait for an official announcement in the near future as there has been no official confirmation of these skins or a precise release date revealed by leakers.

Vi Fortnite Skin
Vi Fortnite Skin

If you haven’t already, watch all nine episodes of Arcane on Netflix, which was nominated for nine Annie Awards and is widely regarded as one of the best gaming adaptations of all era.

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