How to Play Free Fire on Now.GG 2022

Play Free Fire on Now.GG: Free Fire as we all know is one of the best games of this generation. But in this game, there are also some drawbacks for example you can’t play the game on your PC or Laptop, or Mac. There is a way you can play Free Fire on your PC laptop or Mac but for that, you’ll need to install an ANDROID EMULATOR which is a problem for many players. Players with low-end PC sometimes are not even able to install the Emulator due to which it restricts Free Fire’s player’s base.

So, we all have heard about Mobile Cloud Technology so for those who haven’t heard this it basically allows a player to play games on other devices via his own device. In this, you are connected to a high-end device from your device by using the software or by using some sites on your Browser. This has benefited a lot of players and a lot of games to increase their player base and grow. One of the most trustable sites like this is NOW.GG.  This is one of the most reliable sites for players to play games which they can’t on their device.

Play Free Fire on Now.GG
Play Free Fire on Now.GG

In today’s article, we are going to discuss How to play Free Fire on NOW.GG?

How to play Free Fire on NOW.GG?

Many players use android emulators to play Free Fire on their PC. There is a problem because not every PC Laptop or Mac is compatible with an emulator. By chance players with low-end devices get the emulator still are not able to play the game without lag and with smooth performance. So now what shall these players do?

Only ANDROID EMULATORS are not the way to play games that are not available on PC you can also check out some sites as we discussed earlier in the article. Now we will discuss how you could play Free Fire with help of NOW.GG

First of all, you’ll need to go to the Site of NOW.GG and select the option to play POP Slots. Once you click on the option it would load a page at the bottom you will see a TERMS OF SERVICE option click on that. Once you click on that a tab of chrome would be opened. You’ll have to open a new tab and search PLAY STORE. It would ask where to open then choose the PLAY STORE APP.

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Once you open it will ask you for your Google account and you have to just sign in with your Google Account. After you have signed in you just need to search FREE FIRE in the search tab. Click on the FREE FIRE game. After that just click on Install. Once it is installed just click on play and you are all set to play FREE FIRE on your PC without an Android Emulator.

You can also play the game with a joystick or a gamepad. The site also acknowledges the keyboard keys that can be used for controlling the game. This is a great feature and also is a good option as it allows players who don’t own a gamepad or joystick to play and control the game.

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Play Free Fire on Now.GG

Our Words on NOW.GG

NOW.GG is really a good Mobile Cloud site to play android games on your PC, Laptop, or Mac without installing an ANDROID EMULATOR which makes the site great for players. All the players have appreciated the games on the site and the smooth performance on the site and the minimum bugs. You can also play games like Minecraft Trial, Free Fire, Call of Duty, and many more games on the site.

You can trust this site the site is 100% safe and don’t hesitate to log in with your account. The site also provides an option to play the games in full-screen mode.
Overall NOW.GG is a great site for players who have a low-end device and you can of course check out the site it won’t disappoint you.

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