BGMI vs Free Fire Users in World 2022

So in this article, we are going to give you a report on BGMI vs FREE FIRE users in the world 2022 and full information on bgmi and free fire which are the world’s best game and most played games. Right now BGMI and FREE FIRE and we all know there are also many haters and many supporters of them also they have been fighting for the last 3 years.

Also, the BGMI older version of PUBG was banned on 7 September 2020 and also the new game came to BGMI after that PUBG gave very good competition to all the games and was the most played game and famous game in the whole world. Now BGMI is competing with FREE FIRE and CALL OF DUTY with games, And these are the most popular games in this world and won the hearts of their fans so let us get to know more about that analysis and other things so read this article fully.

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BGMI vs FREE FIRE Which is Better in 2022?

BGMI vs Free Fire

So Free fire and Bgmi are the two of the most famous and popular games in the world which are popular in the battle royale world popular. And both games are played on smartphones and a lot of mobile phones these games are available on both ios and android. There is always a great comparison between these two games for many years and players also fight to make memes for these games. Therefore, We are going to let you know that which is better BGMI vs FREE FIRE and there will be an option for you to get stuck to your favorite games.

So let’s come up with Maps and graphics so In battlegrounds mobile India has many maps which are Erangel, Miramar, sanhok, Vikendi, livik, and karakin they are very good and cool maps and experiences.

Let’s get up to free fire so in free fire maps are Bermuda, alpine. Kalahari, Bermuda remastered, and purgatory maps all have the same size. maps in bgmi are really cool and make feel players feel real. while in the free-fire the maps are cartoons and graphics are not good as well as in bgmi the graphics are very impressionable.

There are also several modes that are different in bgmi vs free fire and they keep them changing by adding new modes and collaborating with others. One of them is Bighead and rampage new dawn modes which are also available in free fire easily. When we go to bgmi the Modes currently running are Spiderman no way home and mission ignition also the squid game and mirror world is currently running in bgmi with better quality than free fire too.

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BGMI vs Free Fire Results

There are so many characters in bgmi which are the victor, Sara, Carlo, andy and etc which are all unique when we get to free fire the character keeps changing and purchased by diamond and in bgmi by UC. Free fire characters are Chrono, adam, ms dhoni and etc.. But characters include their superpowers in the free-fire which players with more money take the good advantage while in bgmi all are equal. Bgmi characters don’t have superpowers which is very good because there is no difference between characters they focus on the gameplay which is the very good part.

This is the real battle royale game be like and also pets present in the free fire but pets do not have powers and bgmi too.
Many people play both games but most of the people by the survey play only bgmi or different games.

Also, bgmi has better graphics than free fire and people feel it has realistic and unique features and if better option there is competition BGMI is a good option for beginners who are reading this article so by surveying 58 percent of the people who play BGMI, and 42 percent free fire.

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