How to Get Ikonik Skin Fortnite Chapter 3

Get Ikonik Skin Fortnite Chapter 3; Fortnite is an undoubtedly awesome game. What adds more value to the game is the skins that you can use as your avatar while playing a match. There are so many famous and attractive skins in the game. But how do you get these skins? To get these skins you’ll need to earn a hefty amount of V-Bucks which you could get by playing the game or exchanging them for real cash.

There are some iconic skins in the game but are really costly and their amounts would take a long time and hard work to earn. These skins help us to get more friends and impress our opponents and also make our profile great and sophisticated.

One of the best skins in FORTNITE is the IKONIK which is available for free but how to get it? So, in today’s article, we are going to discuss How to get the IKONIK skin for free in FORTNITE and some more things about IKONIK.

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What is Ikonik Skin Fortnite

IKONIK is basically an outfit in FORTNITE. The character is inspired by a k-pop singer JUNG CHANWOO from the band IKON. IKONIK was removed from the game on 27th September 2019. But now the skin is back and to buy the skin you’ll need to spend a large amount of your earned cash. This outfit can also be brought for free which we have discussed further in this article step-by-step and in a more understandable way and in an easy language.

Get Ikonik Skin Fortnite Chapter 3
Get Ikonik Skin Fortnite Chapter 3

How To get Ikonik Skin Fortnite Chapter 3

As we have discussed that the skin was removed from the game on 27 September 2019 but now you can get the skin back again. The first method which we will be using is called the STORE METHOD in this you will basically have to go to a store that has a Samsung S10 which is the phone that has brought back IKONIK in the game via an exclusive deal with FORTNITE.

First of all, you will need to buy the SAMSUNG S10 and download FORTNITE and log in with your account. After that, you have to redeem the skin. It sounds easy but it is not that easy to redeem the skin but there are some small details that the players miss due to which they are not able to redeem the skin.

First of all, before buying Samsung Galaxy S10 you’ll need to check the model because there are three different models available X, U and F. You must check this because only X and U model phones can’t get you the IKONIK skin in the game only F model is able to get you the skin.  After finding the correct model you have to install FORTNITE in your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Once you have installed FORTNITE you just have to log in with the account in which you desire to get the IKONIK skin. If you play on PlayStation you’ll need to log in with the account you use in PlayStation. After you log in you’ll need to go to the store tab where you will get to see some bundles, starter packages and you’ll see the IKONIK skin under which there would be a price of $0.00 USD.

You have to just click on this and in this thing, many players get confused because it asks about your CREDIT CARD information. You just have to enter your credit card details if you don’t own one you can enter the details of your parent’s or friend’s credit card. After that, you’ll get the skin for free and all you have to do is to claim it.

Get Ikonik Skin Fortnite Chapter 3
Get Ikonik Skin Fortnite Chapter 3

After you got the skin you’ll just need to log out of the account you used to log in to Samsung Galaxy S10 and you are all set to play FORTNITE with the IKONIK skin.

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