Godlike Going to PMGC 2021: Confirmed Leaks

Godlike Going to PMGC 2021: Our Team Official Panda has received confirmation of this announcement from GamingPro Ocean, who has confirmed that Godlike Esports will be attending PMGC. To understand why this is, we must first go back to when we learned that the team that wins the Battleground Mobile India Series will compete in the PUBG Mobile Global Champion 2021 Grand Final.

In an unexpected change of events, rumours revealed that the Godlike Esports lineup, rather than Skylightz Gaming, the victors of BGIS 2021, will be representing India at the forthcoming PMGC 2021 Finals. Only the champion team from the BGIS 2021 tournament will be able to compete in the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile global championship finals. Despite the fact that no official announcement has been made, rumours claim that all three of the top teams have failed to achieve the qualifying requirements to go to Dubai and compete in the semi-LAN event. However, the BGMI community is dissatisfied with the decision.

Godlike Going To PMGC 2021
Godlike Going To PMGC 2021

Nevertheless, Gemwire.gg, who earlier released this information, has just provided another update, clarifying that it’s not just Godlike who should have their documents available, but all of the top four teams as well. “After speaking with other teams, we have been advised that other teams are still in contention for the slot,” Gemwire clarified their error. All four teams in the top four have been asked if they have all of the necessary documents to travel to Dubai. GemWire apologises for breaking this storey so soon. We apologise for any trouble this has caused.”

GodLike will be Representing India in the PMGC Grand Finals 2021

BGIS 2021 ended just a few days ago, and if the adrenaline rush of the month-long ride wasn’t enough, it was recently revealed that GodLike Esports will represent India in the PMGC alongside BGIS 2021 victor Skylightz Gaming.

In a recent Instagram live stream, GamingPro Ocean aka Ocean Sharma. A prominent BGMI caster and YouTuber stated that GodLike will be representing India in the PMGC Grand Finals.

Ocean Sharma, as previously noted, went live on his Instagram account a few minutes ago. So during his live stream, he revealed something entirely unexpected for Indian gamers.

Ocean received a call during his stream. And he allegedly spoke with Tencent authorities about GodLike’s position in PMGC (PUBG Mobile Global Championship).

During the live broadcast, he said the following:

“I just got a call from Tencent officials. Not even making this up for you guysAnd Brace yourselves, one hundred percent confirmation that you’ll hear in this broadcast for the first time… GodLike is going to PMGC and it’s one hundred percent certain. “

– Ocean Sharma on Live/Instagram

Overall, it’s fantastic news for GodLike supporters who have been waiting with bated breath to learn the future of their favourite team. However, GodLike’s luck eventually turned in their favour when they were given the opportunity to demonstrate their talents on a global scale.

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Confirmed Now Godlike Going to PMGC 2021:

Godlike Going To PMGC 2021
Godlike Going To PMGC 2021

The winning team from BGIS 2021, Skylightz Gaming, will not be permitted to compete in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021. GodLike Esports will represent India at PMGC 2021 due to documentation concerns (passports and immunisation records) with the top three squads in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS).

TSM and TeamXO, the second and third-placed teams in BGIS, were said to have had issues with documentation.

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