PUBG 1.8 Without VPN Working Link Download Now

PUBG 1.8 Without VPN: In case you are looking forward to playing the game without using any of the VPN platforms. Then you need to install other versions of the game for example; The Korean version of the PUBG. The cath here is while using the VPN there are lots of pings added to the game and without VPN. There are no pings in the gameplay.

You can download the apk file to play the game without a VPN. Or as said we can install the global version of the game.

PUBG NEW UPDATE Patch Notes: Leaked

PUBG 1.8 Without VPN Working Link
PUBG 1.8 Without VPN Working Link

PUBG is all set to launch its new 1.8 version of the game and there is been a complete hustle bustle situation about it in the gaming industry. The game is all set now for the launch of the newest version of the game. It will bring out so many changes as always the topic have been highly anticipated amongst the players of the game. As all of the players and others who have heard about the game know that the parent company of the PUBG won’t let down the expectations of the players. 

PUBG 1.8 update will bring:

  1. New map.
  2. Exclusive New weapons. 
  3. New gun skins. 
  4. Carry feature. 

The above-mentioned four things will be the major updates of the newest version of the game. The new map is currently only available on the pc platform and it seems to be very futuristic. The pc version of the game has been getting lots of updates on a very high frequency. On the occasion of Halloween, PUBG is also set to launch the new skin of m416 in the game. We all know about the love for this particular weapon in the game amongst the players.

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All of the high-ranked players, streamers love this weapon in the game. For obvious reasons, As a result, It was also very obvious to get the new skin in the game, In addition, The new update will bring an all-new weapon to the game named blue grenade. All of the exciting new features which have been seen on the pc will be there in the mobile version of the game also after the update.

The Launch Date of the PUBG 1.8 Without VPN:

Download PUBG Mobile 1.8 Without VPN link

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