Travel 100 Meters Flying Around a Tornado – Fortnite Week 6

Travel 100 meters flying around a Tornado Fortnite: The first month of the year, January is turning out to be a lot more exciting than one could have expected. Fortnite is treating its fans with endless new content , almost every single week, since the beginning of the flipped island storyline in Fortnite Chapter 3. And this week, Fortnite has come out blazing with a few sets of updates as well.

Fortnite has bought its weekly challenges back. And after last weeks, and Winterfest being completed. This week’s challenges have gone live. This is officially the Week 6 of Season 1 in the new storyline. If players have missed out on completing last week’s challenges, Worry Not!!!. This week’s challenges are a lot easier to complete and take full advantage of the newly released update and the changes made in the island of Fortnite.

Travel 100 meters flying around a Tornado Fortnite
Travel 100 meters flying around a Tornado Fortnite

Travel 100 Meters Flying Around a Tornado

Thursday of every week, Fortnite drops and unlocks new challenges for the Battle pass. Thursday 9 PM ET , 2PM GMT . The challenges are a lot easier and some time trickier as well, but always well rewarding. There are 9 challenges as part of the new challenge, completing each challenge will unlock 25,000 XP for the players. If you are looking forward to earning more XP. You are at the right spot, we at will cover and help you complete each challenge.

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How to Travel 100 Meters Flying Around a Tornado

Tornado and Weather forecast were hyped immensely for the new chapter of Fortnite. After much anticipation and delay, Fortnite has officially released a update, that brings the Weather forecast , Tornado and many others into the game. With the new weekly challenges being released, Epic Games has squeezed in a challenge, that will make players familiar with the new updates. But How to Travel 100 meters around a Tornado. Here’s how you can do it and earn 25,000 XP .

Finding A Tornado, is easiest thing on Fortnite. Look around for large and dark clouds. The developers have done a great job in designing the Tornado. Tornado stand out quite a lot, against the blue sky and sometimes even the purple clouds. The tornado aren’t a very common occurance, but when there is one, there is always a large tornado accompanying it.

Tornado, always disappear after some time. So, if you want to find one and complete the challenge, always choose a high spot, on a mountain or a hill. After you have found the Tornado, its time for completing the challenge and travel 100 meters. But how ?. The answer is very simple, when you spot a Tornado, just walk upto it. The tornado will suck you up, with its heavy wind current.  After the tornado sucks you in, you will be floating around its circumference, until the players becomes ready to glide out of it.

Travel 100 meters flying around a Tornado Fortnite
Travel 100 meters flying around a Tornado Fortnite

If you are worried about health and the damage you might have to deal with, when you are sucked in to the Tornado. There is no need to worry about the tornado at all. Epic games have made it clear, the players health will not be affected and they will not deal with any damage at all. In order to finish this quest, try not to glide out of the Tornado fast. Since, the quest doesn’t calculate the distance traveled when you glide out of the Tornado.

So it is better to travel and let the Tornado carry you around, as it moves across the map. Once, the quest is official completed, you will be notified and 25,000 Xp, will be added to the players account.

Some Other Challenges that Are Part of Week 6 in Fortnite Chapter 3 :

  • Damage an Opponent within 45 seconds of crouching in Tall grass.
  • Buy a random item from a broken vending machine.
  • Travel 100 Meters Flying Around a Tornado
  • And many more.

Be sure to check back on for more guides related to the specific challenges that are part of the Weekly Challenge. We will provide you a complete guide on how to complete them.

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