PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass Rewards, Release Date, 50 RP Rewards

PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass: PUBG Mobile, is a name that everyone knows who is a gamer or who just has phones. A Battle Royal game that is hugely popular & fueled with lots of cool aesthetic looks in the MOBILE gaming community. The game provides monthly updates with a new theme with new concepts & looks.

As a result, they have added a new event to the game with those updates- Royal Pass. This was previously quarterly but now it is monthly in the game. We have already had some information about the PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass.

As we all know, after this M7 Royal Pass of PUBG Mobile, it’s time for a new Battle Royal Pass for PUBG Mobile. As continues the same name game, it will be named as M8 Royal Pass. We have got some details about the M8 Royal Pass.

You may be exciting when is this M8 Royal Pass going to release & make its debut? What is going to be the price itself? What are the rewards that are coming? How to buy the PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass this season? Is there any way to get this at any cheap price? Let us find out the release date for M8 Royal Pass.

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PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass: Full Detailed Guide with Proper Information

PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass
PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass

Initially, PUBG Mobile was released in 2019 globally named PUBG Mobile by Tencent Games. Players don’t know about this game that much at that time. But it’s now a common trend among youngsters globally. As per some reports, there are 6 youngsters among 10 playing the game. So yes, it’s one of the top-grossing MOBILE games in the gaming community currently all around the globe.

PUBG Mobile provides Battle Royal Pass for the game via monthly updates. As we know that when the current M7 Royal Pass will be going to end, the M8 Royal Pass will be live in the game just like the other Royal Passes. But after the M7 Royal pass will be over there will be a 24h cooldown till the next Royal pass M8 as expectedly for maintenance.

PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass rewards

PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass
PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games currently Globally. After banning the PUBG Mobile which was owned by Tencent Games, Krafton took the development role of PUBG Mobile in India & made a separate game for India known as BGMI. But still, all the gameplay remains the same as well as the Royal Pass also. So even BGMI users can follow this article to gather information about BGMI Royal Pass.

After the M8 Royal Pass of PUBG Mobile is going to push M8 Royal Pass after that pretty quickly. We have got the details for the M8 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Reward. You may be excited to see when this M8 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Reward? Let’s find out the rewards in this article below.

These leaks are based on some beta leaks of the games from our sources. We cannot tell you this is perfectly genuine but we will get some rough idea about this season & how will be the M8 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Rewards. Please read the article carefully.

PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass release Date

Without wasting any more time, here we are going to share with you the release date of the M8 Royal Pass. As we all know that current M7 Royal Pass is running from January 18 to February 17, 2022. It needs a 24h break for maintenance so that the next Royal Pass can be live without any problems.

On 19th February 2022 at 7:30 am morning (IST) we will see the next season Royal Pass that is M8 Royal Pass as we can expect. This Royal passes you can get with your UC in the game. But what will be the pricing? How can we buy them? We will guide you to that in a bit second but let us see is it worth buying? What are the rewards we might expect?

M8 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Reward: Full Detailed Guide

PUBG Mobile M8 Royale Pass
PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass

We all know that now Royal Pass is 50 RP max. And it is monthly as well. So, we have got some leaks & details about the upcoming M7 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Reward. This detailed guide will help you to understand the rewards pretty easily.

There are lots of things to come in the game with the M8 Royal Pass update with the Season Rank C2S1 Update as well. Here are some of them.

  • There will be a major change in the season rank reward system as the C2S1 is going to end with this RP.
  • Next season tier rewards will be in a different order.
  • In the Platinum tier, you will get parachute skin instead of Ace tier.
  • The ace tier will give you a Golden Mask based on a  Diamond tier outfit.
  • By reaching the Ace Master tier, You will get a cool-looking headgear that looks like curly hair.
  • In the RP section, there will be an obvious weapon skin. But which weapon skin it will be is not confirmed yet.
  • There will also be a vehicle skin that will be available in the upcoming M8 Royal pass in PUBG Mobile.
  • A mythic emote for Elite Pass users & a free emote for Non-elite pass users.
  • A guaranteed mythic outfit in 50 RP & the headgear of it will be in 45 RP.
  • In 1 RP there will be the weapon skin & a legendary outfit as well.

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PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass Leaks

As per the sources, we could not get many leaks about M8 Royal Pass right now because M7 Royal Pass is still hasn’t come yet. Once we get M7 Royal Pass live, we will get more information about M8 Royal Pass. Rumours that there will be a Spiderman collaboration with PUBG Mobile as well. It will be a themed-based event. Here are some leaks about this-

  • The Spiderman Collaboration will be live with the M8 Royal Pass update. So we might get some Spiderman-themed-based rewards certainly.
  • Just like every themed season, In this season Spiderman themed Erangel will be available.
  • In addition, the Livik map will also be themed this season. No other map will be themed except those two.
  • Winter is here. So winter-based outfits or weapon skins will be live with this update.

Leaks are these will be available with Royal Pass M7 already, but there are some chances that some updates might come late.

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PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass price

The Pricing will be the same as previous Royal Pass seasons. But still, we are mentioning here for just a reference-

  1. 360 UC for those who want to buy Royal Pass Elite.
  2. 960 UC for those who want to buy Royal Pass Elite Plus.

Of course, you will get some extra items with the bigger, Plus version & it costs more as well.

Note: If you have reached 30 RP in the previous season Royal Pass, you can get a 60 UC discount coupon while purchasing the RP. So, the effective prices will be 300 UC & 900 UC respectively.

How to Buy PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass

But teenagers or maybe I should say youngsters love colorful customs & skins in the game. They feel boring to see the same dress every day. In this case, UC plays a huge role in PUBG. UC aka known as Unknown Cash is the in-game currency of PUBG. You can get UC by only spending real money. UC plays a major role in the game.

On this website, we have discussed tones of websites that help people buy Royal Pass. You can also apply them for yourself as well. Just like-

  • Many content creators on YouTube held giveaways in their channel to grow the channel. You can participate & can win UC free with this BGMI Free UC Trick 2022.
  • Like Winzo, Loco, etc. some apps give a chance to users to win UC by playing their tournaments in their apps. You can play the matches without any cost amount & get a chance to win UC.

Cheap price UC in PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass

It is hard to get UC at a cheap price. But some trusted websites like CodaShop sell UC in cheaper ways. They are giving some extra UC at the same price tag in the in-game shop. So it is like you have to spend the same amount of money but get some extra UC.

There are some other tricks as well that you can apply. On those websites, we have talked so much about some websites & redeem codes for PUBG Mobile. You can also check out those articles & give them a try as well.

With the event updates here and there, PUBG developers always provide themed events which need to spend UC if you want to get those exclusive items. In that case, UC is an important factor of course.

That’s all for the upcoming PUBG Mobile M8 Royal Pass with a full detailed analysis. If you think any other topic about this Royal Pass we should cover up, let us know in the comment section of the course. Lastly, for upcoming updates & informational leaks about PUBG follow our website.

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