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Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes Leaks Agent Ban, Yoru Rework

Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes Leaks Agent Ban: So in this article, we are going to give you news leaks about Valorant patch 4.03, your remake is also expected to arrive. So your rework is one and only the most eagerly waited anticipated updates among all of the Valorant players by following the longest run of bad performance in his introduction in Valorant.

when yoru was released at the first all users thought that the agent is too good the agent might be powerful. Or amazing etc but although yoru  in valorant was a major disappointment and players don’t like yoru. even though also the agent has all the potential for much creative gameplay and also the in-game situations also dint reflected in the same way.

To fight this longed doom of yoru, Riot Games have decided that rework to the agents’ abilities, powers, gun powers, etc…. they have finally decided to give him new abilities and. A new start to the limelight and the leaks have suggested that the tweaks of the agent yoru might arrive with patch 4.03 which is getting delayed for a long time of duration.

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Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes Leaks Agent Ban Yoru Rework

Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes Leaks

Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes Leaks Agent Ban

Earlier, mike valor leaks took that his time answering commonly asked questions in the valorant gaming community which also included concerns regarding the agent yoru in valorant. He also said that the agent’s re-finish would come but in episode 4 and the currently this is running episode 3 but not before.

Mike also shared their additional information about the valorant leaks through Twitter tweets and info about yoru rework and explained all the things and when they were coming. According to the leaks, yoru new rework is going to be released on patch 4.03 in the next month so the wait is worth it. Let us see what comes with new things in yoru rework a valorant agent in the valorant game.

About rework the rework in yoru is so late that already the gaming community of PC valorant is making fun of them because it is delayed too much and they are making jokes about it, which can be seen in the tweets and retweets threads was but a mike. Even after performing so late and poorly delaying the things the community thinks that the agent is a bit neglected and justified. But gamers are ready to try the yoru reworks a valorant agent in the valorant game itself when it comes out and releases.

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Valorant 4.03 Agent Yoru

Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes Leaks Agent Ban

Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes Leaks Agent Ban

Based on the earlier work in progressing the leaks of the valorant agent yoru which is going to be reworked fans can also expect that yoru might also see the new changes in the game in valorant and a few teaks about the yoru reworks agent gatecrash ability fakeout of his.  But however, the earlier works in progress all the leaks can be expected and exactly riot has all the mind for the agent which is unknown and also the rework arrives one month later.

Yoru agent in valorant is currently in a poor state of time and the agent is rarely picked up in the matches agent selection time when it comes to the professional time’s tournaments during valorant champions 2021. Which was ended in the middle of December but the agent was not picked any time in that tournament and game it was not an option in valorant.

at the ending of November, the riot games valorant outlined all the specific changes that were to be implemented on the games, agents of yoru. Mainly his fakeout ability and gate crash ability where is everyone hiding he can see. so anyways we can see the change after a long time in yoru agent and it will be reworked.

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