Moxie Cup In Fortnite Chapter 3, Rules, Time, Prize Pool

Moxie Cup In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, Official Rules, Time, Prize Poll: These Moxie Cup in Fortnite Official Rules Apply to All Phases of The Moxie Cup (“moxie Cup”) or Event (“event”) (“rules”). To Be Eligible for The Competition, Players Must Be in The Open League (divisions I, Ii, Or Iii) or Above in The Arena in The Asia Server Area. This Moxie Cup Is Primarily a Two-Round Solo Cup. in Addition, the First Round of This Cup Will Begin on January 14, 2022, Followed by The Second Round on January 15, 2022.

The First Round of The Fortnite Moxie Tournament Will Take Place Over Three Hours Online and Will Be an Open Competition with A Maximum of 10 Matchups per Player. as A Result, the Competitors Are Required to Score as Many Points as Possible.

Moxie Cup in Fortnite Overall

To Participate in The Event, Each Player Must Agree to Follow These Rules at All Times, Along with The Code of Practice in Section 8 (or, if A Minor (as Defined Below), on Behalf of Such Player’s Parent or Legal Guardian). a Person (or, if A Minor, Such Player’s Parent or Guardian of The Child) May Accept These Rules by Clicking to Approve or Accept to All of These Rules when Epic Games, Inc. (“epic”) Makes This Choice Available in The Game Client.

by Playing in Any Game or Competition that Is Part of The Event, a Participant Affirms Which He or They (or, if A Minor, His or Her Parents as Well as Parent or Guardian) Has Accepted These Rules.

Moxie Cup Official Prize Poll
Moxie Cup In Fortnite Chapter 3

Moxie Cup in Fortnite Official Rules

After Round 1, Players Will Be Promoted to Round 2 Depending on Their Point Totals. in Addition, the Top 100 Players with The Greatest Points Will Be Eligible for The Moxie Cup Round 2 Competition.

If They Qualify for The Second Round, Players Who Finish First on The Second-Round Leaderboard Will Be Eligible for Moxie Cup in fortnite Prize Pool in January 2022. so Put Your Best Foot Forward if You Want to Join the Top Performers. Epic Is in Charge of Implementing These Rules for All Event Participants, and In Collaboration with The Event Administrators (as Defined Below), Epic May Impose Penalties on Players Who Break Them, as Outlined in Section 9.

Epic Has the Right to Update, Alter, Revise, or Modify These Terms and Conditions at Any Time.

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Moxie Cup in Fortnite All Final Time

  • Moxie Cup Cup Round 1 [asia]  January 14
  • Moxie Cup Cup Round 2 [asia]  January 15
  • Moxie Cup Cup Round 1 [asia] on February 11
  • Moxie Cup Cup Round 2 [asia]  February 12

Moxie Cup in Fortnite Official Prize Pool

Moxie Cup Fortnite Chapter 3
Moxie Cup Official Prize Pool

Each Player Will Get the Following Rewards Based on His or Her Position on The Leaderboard at The End of The Event.
Asia’s Event Prizes

Prize for Best Rank
The First Place Is $650, the Second Place Is $600, the Third Place Is $550, the Fourth Place Is $500, and The Fifth Place Is $450.
6th Place: $400, 7th Place: $350
8th and 9th Grade $300
From the Tenth Through the Twentieth Century, the Prize Is $200.

Moxie Cup in Fortnite Point Format

The Point System for Both Moxie Cup Rounds Is the Same. the Sole Difference Is that In Round One, Each Player Receives One Point for Each Elimination, but In Round Two, Each Player Receives Two Points for Each Elimination.

Furthermore, the Following Are the Position Points for Each Fortnite Moxie Cup January 2022 Match:

  • 30 Points for Victory Royale
  • Second Place: 25 Points
  • 22 Points for 3rd Place.
  • 20 Points for 4th Place
  • 19 Points for 5th Place
  • 17 Points for 6th Place
  • 16 Points for 7th Place.
  • 15 Points for 8th Place.
  • 14 Points for 9th Place.
  • 13 Points for Tenth Place
  • 11th–15th Place: 11 Points
  • 9 Points for 16th to 20th Place.
  • 7 Points for 21st to 25th Place.
  • 5 Points for 26th to 30th Place.
  • 4 Points for 31st–35th Place.
  • 3 Points for 36th to 40th Place.
  • 2 Points for 41st to 50th Place.
  • 1 Point for 51st to 75th Place.

Depletion occurs when One Player’s Hp and Shield (if Any) Are Drained. the Activity Feed in The Bottom Left Corner of The Gaming Screen and The Ui Indicating the Total Number of Eliminations Achieved During a Single Match Determine Elimination Credit; However, No Elimination Credit Is Granted to A Player for Any Portion of A Match Following Their Elimination.

Any Epic Employee, Broadcast Team Member, Production Team Member, Event Personnel, or Anybody Else Employed or Contracted to Operate the Event.

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Moxie Cup in Fortnite Format

A Set of Rules, Gaming Components, or Win Criteria for A Certain Match. Game Modes Are Varied, and They May or May Not Change from Match to Match. the Event Administrators Will Go Through the Specific Parameters for Each Game Style Before the Commencement of The Match. Subject to The Requirements and Limits of These Rules, Any Qualifying Participant (as Determined by Epic in Accordance with These Rules) May Queue up And Participate in The Event.

Any Qualified Player (as Decided by Epic in Accordance with These Rules) Must Rank in The Open League (division I, Ii, Or Iii) or Above Inside Arena in The Asia Server to Queue up And Compete During the Round 1 Session Window as Specified In-Game.

Moxie Cup Fortnite Chapter 3
Moxie Cup Fortnite Chapter 3

Round 1 Will Take About Three (3) Hours to Complete. During the Round 1 Session, Players Can Play in A Maximum of Ten (10) Matches. Players Will Be Awarded Points Based on Their Performance. After the Round 1 Session, the Top 100 Point Earners from The Region Will Progress to Round 2 of The Event (“round 2”). You Will Not Be Allowed to Attend the Round 2 Session Unless You Finished in The Top 100 Players in The Region During the Previous Round 1 Session.

Players Will Participate in A Single Session During the Round 2 Session Window, Which Will Be Indicated In-Game. During the Round 2 Session, Players Are Allowed to Play in A Maximum of Six (6) Matches. the First Match in The Round 2 Session Will Begins Ten (10) Minutes After the Session Window Opens. And That’s All I Have to Say About the Subject; if You Like It, Please Share It with All of Your Fortnite-Playing Friends and Family. Even if They Don’t Play It, You Must Share It with Them, and Our Website Publishes Regular Gaming News Articles. so Make Sure to Keep in Touch with Us.

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