How to Get 2FA on Fortnite: Easy Steps

In this article, we are going to tell you about how to get 2fa on Fortnite easily and it is very important for account safety in Fortnite. So first of all Fortnite is a very precious multiplayer game released in July 2017. It is a multiplayer battle royale game currently with different modes and the game is currently available on gaming consoles, desktops, computers, etc., and android. the game is very high graphics and 3d experience and an amazing battle royale with the hero’s new clothing. Items and many more things in it contain very good stuff.

Fortnite 2fa is very very important because the Fortnite two-factor authentication system adds safety. It is like a lock on the door of the game where you all keep your in-game kinds of stuff in and if you are playing Fortnite for a while then unlocking rewards and buying skins cost money which is very loss full to lost the thing. If you don’t keep two-factor authentication the thieves can steal your account easily and take your all money into the account and your id will be hacked.

2FA Enable on Fortnite: Easy Methods

how to get 2fa on Fortnite
how to get 2fa on Fortnite

So Fortnite provides a two-factor authentication it means that the whole two-factor authentication Bits in Fortnite and it adds a lock of two stages for everyone to log in through the game it adds an extra layer to the login process. instead of getting simple passwords people can guess or turn up to be hacked so code is used when you sign in to the game Fortnite so in the game when you sign in what two-factor authentication does is.

They make a code which is with the user and none can take it the password is useless without code to enter as well. The game sends you a code to sign in through the account it protects. The account from any risks as everyone chooses the code is sent blocks random logins on your account like google.

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This obviously and surely does not make the account more secure and protects all account hard earned gears, levels, and many more things included. It also gives you an exclusive boogie down emote in the game Fortnite which you can only get by turning on the two-factor authentication in Fortnite game and it gives pure safety to account too. Also if you are playing and saving the world as well so then 2-factor authentication gives you 50 armory slots!! and also 10 backpack slots!! and one amazing thing one legendary troll stash Llama.

How to get 2FA on Fortnite: Follow Below

So enabling two-factor authentication is very easy in the Fortnite game and protecting your account is really so so easy so here is how to enable Fortnite 2 factor authentication and protect all the stuff of yours.

To enable 2-factor authentication on our Fortnite account first of all is simply go to the head to Then login into your epic games id account into it then underneath the option will be there to change your password so you should check and see that option to enable two-factor authentication.

Either enable the Gmail 2fa authenticator app. Pick the most preferred option which you like and follow the instructions given on the screen in the site.

Let’s get Upto rewards:

So Enabling Two-factor authentication on our account will get you all to the Fortnite boogie down emote which is very good and excellent and has been for months in the game.

Events and select it and collect it next time whenever you login you will get the dance and be happy you got safety + your reward and dance by enabling two-factor authentication (2fa) in Fortnite game wohoooo!!! have a brand new dance to use in the game.

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