Destroy and Collect Telescope in a Single Fortnite Chapter 3

Destroy and Collect Telescope in a Single Fortnite Match Location: Fortnite is one of the best online video games. Epic Games developed this amazing game. FORTNITE was released in 2017. It is available on all the platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, Mac, and many more like Nintendo Switch.

Since it’s released it had near 100 Million active players in the year 2020. It is popular among youtube gamers and has a huge number of fans and players. It is rated for teens due to its in-chat action. It is a great and adventurous game. It’s your time-worthy.

How Can You Get Fortnite?

Fortnite is an absolutely free game. Fortnite can be played on platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, Windows, Nintendo Switch and etc. To download it your PC must have an Operating System of Windows 7 64 bit and Maximum Windows 10 64 bit or MAC OS. You must have RAM 4GB and a free disk space of 16GB. To install it on Android you can visit the EPIC GAMES STUDIO to install it as it is banned by google play.

Why Should You Play

Fortnite has been a great action game with fantastic graphics and creative items, skins, moves, and much more. It has a 241 Hours long gameplay which contains 68 hours of the main story and 130 hours of side story. It is a very good experience for gamers who love games that are high on graphics and also for those players who like long and engaging gameplay which is action-packed. The players have a good bond here. It has won 5 awards which include two consecutive awards for Best Ongoing Game.

The game requires a bit of skill but with frequent games, a player can learn those skills. The FOUNDATION character of chapter 3 season 1 which is a special character. Also, it is the most awaited character of the game. As Dwayne Johnson who needs no introduction. Had given his voice to the special character FOUNDATION. So, this says it all about this amazing game.

Destroy and Collect Telescope in a Single Fortnite Match Location
Destroy and Collect Telescope in a Single Fortnite Match Location

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Fortnite’s chapter 3 was initially released in December 2021. It is said it lasts as far as 104 days or 3 months. It takes a pretty much long time to complete, but this long time is full of action, adventure alongside fabulous graphics. Also, the rewards are great and time-worthy. In this release, you can unlock the FOUNDATION PAGE 2 rewards.

Repair Damaged Telescope Challenge

This is a challenge included in FORTNITE CHAPTER 3 SEASON 1. In this challenge, you have to locate and find the damaged telescopes on your map and find them. The quest of finding the telescopes and repairing them is really thrill and action-packed. There a seven damaged telescopes in the game. But you have to find and repair any five of them.

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Why Do the Repair Damaged Telescope Challenge

This question comes to every player’s mind before attempting this challenge. So by completing this challenge you will gain 24k XP, which you can use to rank up your Battle Pass and unlock more and more Battle Pass Cosmetic Items. Another thing about this challenge is that it is very much interesting, adventurous, and fun to do and the rewards are also great. So, there are a lot of reasons to do this awesome challenge and get rewards. Also, the quest to find the telescopes also makes it more thrilling, and repairing them is cheery on the top. Believe me, you won’t regret doing this challenge as you would enjoy completing this challenge and fantastic rewards too.

How to Collect Destroy and Collect Telescope

To collect them you have to go to different locations and search for them. So to do it in one single game is near to impossible. So as there are seven telescopes but you have to find only five so here are five locations where you can easily collect damaged telescopes.

  • Location 1-On a small hill West of Misty Medows
  • Location 2- On the peak of the mountain which is southeast of Retail Row.
  • Location 3- East of Craggy Cliffs, west of that broadcasting station.
  • Location 4- On the hill which is northeast of the bridge connecting the Colossal Crops region to the Dirty Docks region.
  • Location 5- Southeast Hills facing the southeast ocean

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How to Repair Destroy and Collect Telescope

Once you found all five telescopes you are halfway done. Once you have collected all of them you will need 20 metals to repair one telescope. Now one question would arise in your mind that hoe to collect metal. Thankfully metal is available in a good amount in Fortnite and you can easily get it just by destroying Metal objects around you.
Once you repaired the telescopes your mission is completed and you will get an awesome reward of 24k XP.

Destroy and Collect Telescope in a Single Fortnite Match Location
Destroy and Collect Telescope in a Single Fortnite Match Location


Q- Is Fortnite available for Android?

Ans: Yes, it can be installed via the EPIC GAMES site.

Q- Has FORTNITE died?

Ans: No Fortnite has not died but doing great in fact.

Q- Does Fortnite’s graphics suck?

Ans: Fortnite’s graphics are fantastic. Also appreciated by players and critics both.

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