COD Mobile Season 1 2022, Rewards, New Weapon, Game Modes

COD Mobile Season 1 2022 Rewards Theme Music, New Weapon, Release Date: The mobile game is now one of the greatest, and this new season will see the game improve further. The franchise has had a lot of success, so there was a lot of anticipation for the current season.

Many have been waiting for the patch notes for a long time, and with the start of a new season, there is a lot to share with the Call of Duty community. Players will be treated to new maps, weaponry, game types, and more as a result of these patch notes.

New Game Modes in COD Mobile Season 1 Patch Note 2022

Heist- Work with your comrades to spread out, discover gold coins in the vault, and buy battle gear in order to beat the opposing side.
Search and Destroy for Payouts- For a limited period, Payout Search will be available in Ranked Multiplayer.
Red Envelope Kill Confirmed has a 10v10 fighting mode.

Theme music is crucial in a game because it is what the gaming audience will hear the most of the time, and this one is perfect.

Season 1 of Call of Duty Mobile 2022 will have a lot of new material, as well as a theme and several new characters from the Call of Duty franchise, as well as some old ones.

call of duty Mobile Season 1 2022
COD Mobile Season 1 2022

COD Mobile Season 1 Theme music

Theme Music for Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 2022 has been leaked.
Season 1 of Call of Duty Mobile 2022 will be quite exciting since we had a lot of great seasons in 2021, and now with this refresh, the game might see a significant progression.

@Zenix CODM has given the newest leaks, which have emerged on Twitter and YouTube.

The theme song is fantastic, and the gaming community will undoubtedly like it. Take a peek at the video below if you want to listen to it for yourself. The gaming community is now enthralled with COD Mobile Season 11, and anticipation for the following season is at an all-time high. The stakes are great, but the devs have a history of exceeding players’ expectations, and there is little question that they will do so again.

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COD Mobile Season 1 Rewards

The Premium Battle Pass grants you access to five new epic Blueprints.

  • 4 great characters from the news.
  • A new Legendary Calling card has been released.
  • Base Weapon: FR.556, a fully automatic assault rifle with outstanding recoil management across a wide variety of distances.
  • New Event Prizes
    New tasks and missions are available, with rewards including the New Weapon SKS, a semi-automatic marksman weapon with a rapid firing rate.
COD Mobile Season 1 2022
COD Mobile Season 1 2022 Rewards

Map Update in COD Mobile Season 1 Patch Note 2022

Hacienda and Chinese Nuketown are the two new maps that are being added in Call Of Duty mobile season 1 patch note 2022. And it really gonna interesting to see these two new maps in COD mobile. And players will definitely gonna love these.  And there are some new updates added in Tunisia maps and I will be telling you that in the next update. The skylight in the wine cellar has been updated to allow players to hurl different items through it.  The skylight in the wine cellar has been updated to allow players to hurl different items through it.

New Weapons in COD Mobile Season 1 Patch Note 2022

  • 141 kilos is one of the fully automatic assault weapons with extended optics to improve the effect of headshots.
  • A convertible drum magazine, moderate damage output, and an average rate of fire.
  • PPSh-41 is a large-capacity drum magazine is used in this low-precision submachine gun.

Charge the adversary while benefiting from non-targeted fire! Some mythological weapons now have exclusive weapon inspection. Weapon control has been improved. The grenade throwing behavior model has been tweaked. Photorealistic site effects have been improved. When shifting non-targeted and aimed firing, the gun shaking performance has been improved.

COD Mobile Season 1 2022
COD Mobile Season 1 2022

Other System Updates in COD Mobile Season 1 Patch Note 2022

Make changes to the loadout. During the queue, the loadout can be altered.
Change the sensitivity level. The gyroscope’s firing sensitivity and normal state sensitivity may both be changed individually. To improve player operability, the accuracy of the red dot and holographic sights may be adjusted individually. Jump control has been updated. In the settings, advanced control options for leaping and climbing motions have been included. When the jump button is chosen, players will no longer be able to ride and climb automatically. To avoid mistakenly tapping the leap button during battle, players may now set it to climb simply by dragging the jump button up.

Medicine settings in a battle royale You may disable the Battle Royale HP item’s Suggested Medicine setting, which is enabled by default to avoid item substitution in user shortcut keys.

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Ranked Match Updates in COD Mobile Season 1 Patch Notes 2022


Additional Rank Points are won when a solitary player meets a 4-person queue entering as a team, and more details can be found under Ranked Rewards.
New-season reset rules have been changed for the top 5000 players; further information can be found in the Ranked Lobby. The rarity of the top 5000 players’ calling cards has been changed to Legendary starting this season. The risk of mismatched pre-formed teams during matching has been reduced. The chances of matching with other teams with the same amount of players are slim. To account for the lack of top-ranked players at the start of the season, the matching scope will be extended.

  • 3v3 Gunfight: This is a three-player gunfight mode. Gulag, Shipment, and other maps have it.
  • Attack of the Undead 20: Survive the 20-player version of Attack of the Undead, where two players are marked as undead instead of one at the start of the conflict.
  • Hackney Yard, Meltdown, Raid, and more games have it.
  • Hardcore is made up of two parts: Hardcore Headquarters and Hardcore Hardpoint. Low health, friendly damage, and no mini-map HUD make combat difficult.
  • Firing Range, Rust, Shipment, and more are all available.

Clan Wars Updates in COD Mobile Season 1 Patch Notes 2022

  • Individual contribution criteria have been changed. You must create a team with a clan member in a node competition to boost the weekly clan credit reward factor and get character shard awards.
  • Entry restrictions are being relaxed.
  • Players that are new to the clan can also compete in that week’s competition.
  • Clans with fewer active players than the matching criteria are welcome to join, but their node scores will be lowered.
  • To keep your clan from being punished, recruit additional clan members.

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