Golden Roar Bundle: New Fire Fire Bundle

Today we are here to make you know that the new Free Fire Bundle known as Golden Roar Bundle is Coming. Knowing that today we have brought an article on this topic Golden Roar Bundle seems to be amazing. The Golden Roar Bundle is coming on 9th January in Free Fire.

This Roar Bundle is coming to Free Fire and by the time you read the article, it’s probably going to be included in Free Fire. Then you will get to know a lot of information about this new and amazing Golden Roar Bundle.

Golden Roar Bundle

Golden Roar Bundle
Free Fire New bundle set

Now we will tell you some important information about Golden Roar Bundle read this entire article. As we told you that we will tell you some important things about Golden Roar Bundle. And these things go a long way in making this Golden Roar Bundle even better.

Free Fire New Bundle looks and Review

First of all, we will tell you about the complete look of this Golden Roar Bundle. So this bundle has been given so many good people that you just can’t stop yourself from praising it on seeing it in this you also get to see the hair separately. Its ear has been designed like this. Fire is shown coming out of its air, which gives a very good look. That Golden Bundle looks more beautiful.

And moving forward from its hair, if we talk about the design made on its eye, then it is truly commendable. The eyes of this Golden Roar Bundle have been made in such a way that if you apply its design with any other bundle, then it is going to look really good. Now if we go ahead with its eyes. If we talk about this Bundle, then we talk about its top. As the name of this bundle is Golden Roae Bundle the design of its top is similar to its name Golden Roar Bundle.

The top of this Bundle is so well designed that you will appreciate the top as soon as you see it. This top can also be separate and can be worn with any other clothes by separating your top. And also black color has been used so the top of this Golden Roar Bundle looks very nice with the mix of gold and black. Now if we talk about its bottom, then its bottom is also very good, but not so good. Because its bottom looks good only with thisGolden Roar Bundle. If you wear this with someone else, it does not look good on him.

So in this entire paragraph, we have given complete information about the still look, and let’s move on to some more information and some of your questions!

When and Where will Golden Roar Bundle Come?

As we told you in the last one or two articles that there is going to be a bundle in the Moco store, so if this bundle is there, then you can go to the Moco store and get this Golden Roar Bundle. Now we will explain to you Stepwise, where to get it and how to buy it here?

  • The first thing you need to do is update your game.
  • You have to start your game and then after that you will get the option of one luck royal on the left side click there.
  • And then you will get the option of Moco store inside the same Luck Royal.
  • There you will find many other items apart from the Golden Roar Bundle, which you can purchase. You have to select some items and then spin them with your diamond, then you will get that bundle.


The bundle will arrive inside the game on January 9th. Here the event will end on January 15, so if you want to buy this Golden Roar Bundle, then you can buy it in between. So I have given you complete information about this bundle.

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