Twitch Streamers banned in 2022

Twitch streamers banned in 2022: Recently a streamer who was playing on Twitch got banned due to some breaking of regulation or guidelines of Twitch. And who was the streamer and why did he get banned. I will be telling all that in this article so make sure to read the article till the end. And definitely your not even a single second is gonna be wasted, I make sure.

Twitch’s Just Chatting area has seen a number of changes over the years as streamers get more creative with the material they provide.

Twitch Streamer Banned

While the term may imply that streamers just converse with their viewers about a range of topics rather than play games, some have utilized the category for hot tub streaming and other inappropriate broadcasts, prompting the creation of other categories.

Mizkif, a Twitch celebrity, made a minor feed become popular by mistake, and the channel was finally removed from the network after his uncomfortable discovery drew thousands of viewers to the rule-breaking broadcast.

Pokimane banned from Twitch

After broadcasting the iconic cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender on Twitch on Friday night, Imane “Pokimane” Any, one of the most prominent broadcasters on the network with over 8.5 million followers, was banned from the platform. The reason for the ban is unknown, however, it is most likely the consequence of a DMCA violation.

Twitch streamers banned
Twitch streamers banned

However, this hasn’t stopped some streamers from becoming a touch too adult for Twitch’s comfort, as Mizkif discovered while browsing the category during his own show.

How Mizkif got banned from twitch

During a December 15 stream, Mizkif was browsing Just Chatting when he came across a streamer named ‘raabullies,’ who had her thumbnail showing off more than is generally authorized on the platform.
raabullies’ ‘Join Me’ broadcast had only 21 viewers when he saw it, but the number quickly grew once Mizkif’s crowd jumped to check it out.

The station was soon blocked, with some even saying that the lady exposed herself once the channel reached 6,000 viewers.

Twitch streamers banned
Twitch streamers banned

After fellow Twitch star Pokimane was banned from the platform, Mizkif quickly apologized for his recent Twitch show, which included Avatar: The Last Airbender, and promised to cease restreaming pirated content on his channel.

Will Twitch Unban streamers?

And we also get to see this thing with Amournath a few months back in October 2021. The difference here with that case is Amournath was got banned from all his social media handles. nut Mizkif only got banned on Twitch. And I think he definitely get back as he had also apologized. And from today when I am writing the article we are able to see that from 30 days there is a total of 87 accounts of streamers who have got banned from Twitch. And it is growing day by day. If you’ve been banned from a channel, you can use the Unban Request tool to request to be unbanned, provided the channel owner has enabled the feature.

Why Streamers are getting banned from Twitch?

Twitch is grappling once again with how to manage sexually provocative feeds from some of its most popular female users. Twitch, as usual, refused to say why either streamer was banned. However, the explanation appears to be a violation of Twitch’s rules regarding “sexually suggestive” content. As it is not permanent to be banned on Twitch because A Twitch ban does not automatically imply a permanent suspension, and this is Piker’s second. He was handed a weeklong suspension in 2019 after suggesting that America “deserved” what happened on September 11, 2001.

How do they Unban Streamers from Twitch?

To begin, Twitch offers a Chat Command system that allows streamers to ban and unban viewers. You can ban or unban someone from your chat by entering “/ban” or “/unban” followed by the username of the person you want to ban or unban.

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