Free Fire Super Match Event 8 Diamond Trick: Full Details

Free Fire Super Match Event 8 Diamond Trick: Free fire game is one of the most popular games In the world. the game is currently developed by Garena, which is a game developer company. the developers we quickly update the game to make it more interesting among the players. that’s why the game is one of the top-grossing Battle Royale games in the mobile community.

With the recent update, Free Fire introduces a new bundle named Super Match. In which you can get some discounts on some items or you can get some items by spending just with 8 diamonds. It’s called Free Fire Super Match Event 8 Diamond Trick. Let’s find out in this article about this trick & this event in detail.

Free Fire Super Match Event 8 Diamond Trick: Full Details

Free Fire game’s unique feature is its versatility of weapon skins & character skins. Players can get Legendary skins & outfits without spending little money on the top-ups. Diamond currency is the most valuable thing in this game. It is the in-game currency to get all upcoming items.

The new Super Match event is live now. There are some new items & skins that will cost less to the players. You can get a discount on the actual price of the item. Or maybe free or by spending just 8 diamonds. Yes, this is right!

This trick is called as Free Fire Super Match Event 8 Diamond Trick. Excited? Want to know how to do that? Okay then here I am going to share some tips that might help you. Follow this correctly, don’t mess it up.

A new Super Match is here: Tips & Tricks

  • You will get only one free spin for each & every player.
  • It is named Free Match. By clicking free match you can get some discounts on the listed items.
  • A bundle & some weapon skins are there for every player.
  • If you have already spun, you have to buy the item you have gotten.
  • If you don’t buy the item, you cannot spin it further.
  • You can leave any time if you want.
  • There is an option to get any item with just 8 diamonds.
  • Some people are getting that, but it is hard to get that.
  • It will be a time-limited spin. So hurry up if you want to get those items.


So that is all about the newest spin in the game, Free Fire Super Match. You can spend your diamonds to get the items in the spin & can spin further as free.

To help you out, here are some of the questions that are frequently asked to us-


Q: How much time we can spin without any diamonds?

A: Only one time is free. The first spin is always free. But if you want the next spins free as well, you have to spend diamonds to unlock the next spin.

Q: Can we get Free Fire Super Match event with just 8 diamonds?

A: There is no such trick that will help you to get items in 8 diamonds. However, some lucky players got that.

Q: Should we spend diamonds in this Super Match?

A: It is a personal preference. But we will say if you get a very good discount in the spin, then you can spend. Otherwise, just skip it. There will be more upcoming cool spins. We will cover them in our article as well.

Q: Is this permanent in Free Fire?

A: The event is temporary in Free Fire. However, the rewards you will get will be permanent in your vault.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to our website for more information. Thank you.

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