Claim an Abandoned Tent Location in Fortnite Chapter 3

Claim an Abandoned Tent Location in Fortnite: During the last week of December, Fortnite has officially bought back the weekly challenges. Players upon completing the weekly challenges and will be awarded 25,000 XP for each challenge completed individually. It’s a big win situation, for every player. Winning 25,000 XP with every challenge completed will be of great use, they can use them to level up fast and so many more.

In this week of challenges, there is one challenge that we at official panda have put our focus on. The challenge at hand is Claiming an abandoned Tent in the game.   There are so many tents around the island of Fortnite. But finding an abandoned or an unoccupied tent on the island of Fortnite is a little difficult. When you don’t know where to find an empty tent, this challenge might feel a little tedious as well. But with the article we have curated, you need not worry at all. Read on further to know more.

How to Claim an Abandoned Tent in Fortnite

In order to claim an abandoned tent, first, you need to find one. On the flipped island of Fortnite, it is a little tough to find an abandoned tent. Because there are no specific locations to find the abandoned tents. The majority of the time, there is no specific area to find the tents as well. Since tents can be found in places, where the last match players have left them. But there is one way to complete this challenge. Players can find tents, near abandoned houses or buildings.

Claim an Abandoned Tent in Fortnite
Claim an Abandoned Tent in Fortnite

Players in the game do this to mostly avoid being seen or attacked, while the players try and interact with the tent. So all in all, there are high chances of finding an abandoned tent, if the players choose to land near the places that are usually crowded with houses and buildings. When you land near the houses and buildings, make sure to go through every room and search carefully. You will be finding one, easily this way. The chances are high as well.

Important Topics:

How to know a tent is abandoned and ready to claim in Fortnite :

After the players have landed near a location that is crowded with many houses and buildings, and after finding a tent. It is important to figure out, whether the tent is abandoned or some player is already interacting with it. Tents are usually completely propped up and if they are vacant and abandoned – the tents will be grey in color. But if a player is interacting with the tent, they will be in blue color.

When you have to find the abandoned tent, approach it and the prompts will be live when you go near them. After the prompts come out, interact with the tent. And that’s a weekly challenge completed and soon the 25,000 XP will be added to you. Here are the ways, the prompts appear when the player is near an abandoned and pressing these keys will help the players interact with the tent.

  • Switch: Y
  • Xbox: X
  • PC: E
  • Playstation: Square.

Once, when the tent is finally claimed by the player, the tent will be in the player’s name and the task is fully completed.

Claim an Abandoned Tent in Fortnite
Claim an Abandoned Tent in Fortnite

Other Weekly Challenges in this week of Fortnite :

After completing the task of claiming an abandoned tent, if you are looking forward to completing the other tasks and boosting your XP. Here are the six other challenges, that are part of the weekly challenges of Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 1 Week 5

Challenges :

  • Build structures at Coney Crossroads, Sleepy Sound, and Condo Canyon.
  • Drive a Vehicle through Water
  • Knockdown Timber Pines
  • Gain shields using  a Shield Keg
  • Destroy Structures with Motorboat Missiles
  • Teleport using Rift Generators at different Seven outposts.
  • Claim an Abandoned Tent in Fortnite Location

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