Find Shield Keg Fortnite Chapter 3 – Shield Keg Locations

Find Shield Keg Fortnite Chapter 3 – Shield Keg Locations: In the ongoing Chapter 3 of Fortnite, everything is going at a smooth pace. The developers of Epic Games have released a hot patch update and it comes with a brand new healing item. The healing item was teased way back, the teases were in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 trailer.

After teasing the fans, the developers have finally decided to drop the healing item into the game. Currently, the players are busy in the ongoing Winterfest challenge and they are busy searching for the last present. But the last present would only be making its way into the game, in the next major update. But as of now, there is no official word on when to expect the major update for Fortnite Chapter 3.

Where to Find Shield Keg Fortnite Chapter 3
Where to Find Shield Keg Fortnite Chapter 3

Why the Hotfix Update

The update that was released for Fortnite is – 19.01, and this update is due to constant crashes and heavy traffic. Recently, the Epic Games servers were down for 3 hours and after a day also, the same scenario has repeated. The main reason for the sudden growth in traffic is the free availability of the Free Tomb Raider game. Players need not worry, as Epic game has confirmed, it will compensate the players for the downtime and there will be rewards.

What is in the Hotfix Update

With the recently released Hotfix update, there wasn’t any brand new content, and players will not need to download any additional files to play the game. But the hotfix update has bought a healing item along with it. The healing item was first leaked out by the data miners during the early stages of promotion for Chapter 3. But now the healing item is officially in the game and it’s called a KEG.

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Shield Keg Fortnite Chapter 3

KEG or they can be called Fortnite’s Shield Keg, and as expected- these KEG’s will help the players restore their own shields and even the squadmates as well. if you are wondering how to use a KEG, we got you covered. Players need to simply take a KEG and throw it near the squad. As soon as the KEG is activated, all the Shields will gradually restore from 0 to 100. But here is the biggest catch – The KEG can restore the health of any shield. So if the KEG goes active near the enemy squad, even their shield health will be restored.

Find Shield Keg Fortnite Chapter 3

Finding KEG on Fortnite should be a much easier task. The KEG can be easily found across the chests, in-floor loots, and even from the Supply Drops as well. Other than the mentioned ways, players can also find Keg from NPC’s as well. The NPCs are Lt. John Llama and The Scientist. The scientist can be found near the Sanctuary and Lt. John Llama usually spawns in the South West of Logjam Lumberyard.

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Tips for players using Shield Keg

  • The players are super advised to deploy the Keg when there is no one or around, or as they get out of the battle.
  • Use the Shield Keg alongside the Med-Mist Spray. By doing so, the players will recover and heal very fast and fully in little to no time, among your peers.
Where to Find Shield Keg Fortnite Chapter 3
Where to Find Shield Keg Fortnite Chapter 3

As of now, the ongoing Winterfest will officially be concluding on January 6th at 9 AM E.T. So make sure to open all the presents and try to complete as many challenges as you can. There is a little rumor going around is that the first major update for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is rumored to go live on January 11th. There is no official confirmation yet, but the speculations around the next update have already begun. Once, the update goes live, you can trust us to keep you updated about everything that comes with the update.

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