TPM version 2.0 Valorant Error: Fixed!!!

TPM version 2.0 Valorant Error: So recently many players are facing a lot of issues while playing Valorant with the TPM version of 2.0. So today in this article I will b telling you about that, what is the reason for that error and what causes that, and how you can resolve that issue. So stay connected with us as usual and I will definitely fix that error.

In a nutshell, this is an issue produced by Valorant called VAN9001 for Windows 11 gamers. This is not, however, a permanent issue that may be corrected by following a few easy procedures. And if you found the article interesting and informative, then just make sure you share it with all your friends whom you know and you think that they need to know this.

And in case you found any point or thing that I  have missed in this article or you are confused at any place just make sure to share it with me through the comment section below.

Here are all of the steps to resolving the issue.

TPM version 2.0 Valorant
TPM version 2.0 Valorant

The cause of the TPM version 2.0 error on Valorant

When it comes to cheating, we all know how severe Valorant is. Furthermore, the game makes every effort to maintain the game clean and free of cheats. This is made possible by Riot’s Vanguard, which keeps hackers and cheats out of the game.

It is not, however, fixed, and the Vanguard requires continuous upgrades. Windows 11 is a new version of Windows that was just launched. Furthermore, Vanguard changed it as well, and now some Windows 11 users are encountering the Tpm 2.0 issue while attempting to start Valorant.

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Why does TPM version 2.0 errors occur on Valorant?

This is only a Riot Vanguard update, and most gamers who were playing the Windows 11 test version are experiencing issues. But you don’t need to worry at all as I am here writing this article for you by which you can fix the TPM error very easily on Valorant in your home.

It’s because the Secure Boot feature is disabled by default on some PCs, and you’ll need to activate it to run VALORANT on Windows 11. Here’s how to repair the “To play di VALORANT, this build of Vanguard requires TPM version 2.0 and Secure Boot to be enabled” problem.

Valorant Work on Windows 11
TPM version 2.0 Valorant Error

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How you can fix TPM version 2.0 Valorant error

So the steps you need to follow are:

So first I wanna tell you that if you are one of them who are facing the problem or issue of TPM on valorant. You need to play your game by secure boot. but if you don’t know how you can do that then read this article, You will get to know easily. Keep in mind that the placement of the settings varies depending on the motherboard. The writer in this situation is using an ASRock motherboard.

  • Go to the BIOS/UEFI menu (depending on the motherboard you have);
  • For Intel, look for the Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) setting, or AMD TPM for AMD, which may be located in the Peripherals or CPU sections; for AMD, look for the AMD TPM setting.
  • Enable Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) or AMD TPM if it’s disabled;
  • Look for the Secure Boot option, which is normally found in the Bios or Security area of the computer.
  • Switch from Custom to Standard Secure Boot Mode.
  • Secure Boot should be enabled instead of disabled.
  • Save your changes and restart your computer.

The issue will be resolved, and you will be able to resume playing VALORANT.

And if you found the article interesting and instructive, please share it with all of your friends who you think might benefit from knowing about it. And if you find any point or item that I overlooked in this essay, or if you are puzzled about anything, please let me know in the comments area below.

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